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Level 10 Construction Presentation

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john ritz

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Level 10 Construction Presentation

Presentation Prepared for Level 10 Construction
Regional Experience
Construction Markets Served
Design Assist
PHILOSOPHY Provide project design development & support for all scopes of work from conceptual design to complete building coordination through detailing specific means & method to VDC/BIM modeling
KHS&S has been a part of 500+ Projects in a Design-Assist Role
CORRIDOR RACKS a process that allows the multi-trade building component of hallway corridor racks to be constructed in an offsite, controlled environment.

- increased safety
- enhanced quality
- reduced schedule
- lower labor costs
- waste elimination
INTERIOR WALLS & SOFFITS a process that allows pre-cut material and assembly as identified from a 3D model.

- "just in time" delivery
- building from a kit
- pre-cut material
MEDICAL HEADWALLS a process that allows the integration of medical gases, communication, and electrical devices into one unit.

- the headwall is delivered
pre-piped and pre-wired,
reducing the costs of
plumbing and electrical
BATHROOMS custom, totally complete bathrooms that are innovatively built using 3D modeling & CNC manufacturing. The units are delivered to the project site just-in-time and connected to the building systems within hours.

- early design decisions;
better purchase price
- fewer crews on-site
- less waste
Lessons Learned
PROBLEM Not committing to prefabrication early enough on the project, which eliminated prefab as an option and made it a requirement.

SOLUTION To allow for schedule savings and in turn cost savings, it was decided to redesign much of the exterior to a prefab panelization approach.

LESSON LEARNED Continually look at innovative approaches to incorporate from the beginning. If we had, we could have saved further costs and schedule.
Exterior Panelization
PROBLEM Inefficient use of BIM in the field. Because of low involvement with GC (Monitoring clashes, updates to models, arbitrating resolution quickly), there was limited cooperation from subcontractor field teams.

SOLUTION On the next large healthcare project we had with this same general contractor, we required our project superintendent to be actively involved during the BIM meetings. This also turned the GC around to being far more involved.

LESSON LEARNED Identify where the resistance to BIM is and ensured involvement by placing the leader of that team in the process.
LABOR FORCE KHS&S has been working in the bay area since 1998. Since that time, we have steadily grown into a nationally recognized specialty contractor that is now consistently highly ranked in ENR magazine. Given our nearly 15-year history in the bay area we have the benefit of the local market knowledge and the strength obtained only through local relationships. We have used local suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, distributors extensively to make these projects in this region successful.
Currently ranked 2nd for
Wall & Ceiling Construction
KHS&S has an Intrastate EMR of 0.98
BACKLOG KHS&S has been a backlog of $185M for the next 24 months a capacity of $240M.

Stanford Hospital Stanford, CA
Cathedral Hill Hospital San Francisco, CA
St. Lukes Replacement Hospital San Francisco, CA
San Francisco General Hospital San Francisco, CA
Akron Children’s Hospital, Critical Care Tower Akron,
Marriott Grand Chateau, Tower III Las Vegas, NV
Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Phase I San Carlos, CA
Downtown Grand Las Vegas, NV
Regional Medical Center, San Jose San Jose

EXTERIOR PANELS prefabricated exterior wall panel systems offer a quick, efficient and durable alternative to the traditional enclosure of your project.

- speeds building enclosure
- fewer job site hassles
- fabricated in environmentally-
controlled indoor facility or on site
- delivered ready to install
PROBLEM We were seeing a lack of project coordination and project leadership.

SOLUTION Since adopting and documenting our Lean processes we are seeing more and more project team members adopt these philosophies from the general contractor and down through the subcontractor.

LESSON LEARNED While we are seeing these processes as tools to increase production and reduce rework we are still learning ourselves the best methods and approach.
Lean Processes
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