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No description

Menko Leung

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of BREADSTORMING~

What's BREAD? Bread from the World When bread is not
made for eating people even start to
print on the bread. Bread
Earth When Bread is made for eating. Wiki tells us that bread is a staple food prepared by cooking a dough of flour and water and often additional ingredients.
Most people on Earth know what bread is, which is just too ordinary food to us. People from different parts of the world eat different bread.

Vary from country to country, people enjoy bread with different tastes, different shapes and in different ways. BREAD STORMING~ It can be a
beautiful decoration. by Team 23516 Value of Bread There are so many types of bread in the market. We have to choose the right one that benefits our health.

And whole grain will be a very nice choice. MENBERS:
Sergei Chaschin
Yin Shan Lee
Jingwen Liang
Lucia Platas Bricio
Ann Varpakhovich This is our TREE of BREAD>>>>>> Let's begin with the root!! French Bread from France Let's see
what kind of bread
people eat! Steamed Bread from China Fry Bread from America Rye Bread from Germany Of course, there are many more types of bread beside these. 1.Bread keeps us from
being hungry. This carbohydrate will keep us energetic. 2.Have fun when feeding
other animals with bread. Feeding birds, fishes,ducks... 3.Unfortunately, some kids have to
depend their lives on bread. We should feel appreciate for food and treasure it. "Remenbread"
in an old
"Doraemon" Bread can be
message pad
drawing sheet. a bread printer>>>>>> The machine cat provide the boy bread with message on it. Once you eat it, you'll never forget the written message, which helps the boy pass the math exam.

This is why bread was one of my dream. ha ha. In fact, the commercial value of bread is very low. For example, in China, you can buy a very delicious steamed bread within 50 cents (USD).

But it's social value is very high. In some poor area, one of the few kinds of food those people can afford is bread. It means life and hope for them.

And in many emergency, long keep bread can save people's lives. How to choose bread? THAT 'S ALL FOR OUR PRESENTATION.
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