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Camilla Mentasti

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of London

Famous people
The most important monuments in London are:
Buckingham Palace: the residence of Queen Elisabeth II
Westminster Abbey
Big Ben
St.James' palace: a royal
residence in Kensington
St. Paul's cathedral
Trafalgar Square
Piccadilly Circus: a square
Greenwich: the meridian 0 (zero)
Green Park, St.James' Park, Greenwich Park, Richmond Park.
Monuments and Parks
London (today)
London is the capital and the biggest city in the Uk. It is in the south of Uk. It is a multiracial metropolis. There are six international airports and there is the oldest metropolitan system in the world. This System is called "Underground".
There are many immigrants from other countries.
There are many museums, theaters and concert halls. Queen Elizabeth II lives in London with the royal family.
London (Yesterday)
London Was founded by the Romans and then was abandoned. After it was attacked by the Anglo-Saxons and then by the Vikings. It became famous and important. It Was hit by the plague. There was an epidemic of cholera. London passed to protestantism.
FOOTBALL is the number 1 sport in Uk. Arsenal and Chelsea are two clubs in London and they are word-famous.
CRICKET is a very popular sport in summer in London. It is the national sport in Uk. "Lord's" and "The Oval" are two famous teams in London.
RUGBY is a popular sport in winter in London. You play rugby with an oval ball.
TENNIS, POLO, BOAT RACING, CURLING, ANGLING or FISHING are vary popular sports in London.
ROBBIE WILLIAMS is an actor and a famous singer. He was elected the most important artist in Britain from 90s to 2000 ("Candy")
ONE DIRECTION are an English pop boy band based in London. The five boys are: Niall, Louis,Zayn, Harry and Liam ("One thing")
ADELE is a singer-songwriter ("Set fire to the rain")
LITTLE MIX are a group of four girl: Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne ("Wings")
LEONA LEWIS is a singer. She performed the theme song for the film "Avatar" ("Bleeding love")
COLDPLAY are a British rock band formed in London ("Paradise")
QUEEN are a British rock band formed in London ("We will rock you")
KEIRA KNIGHTLEY is an actress. She starred in "Pirates of the Caribben" film series
ORLANDO BLOOM is an actor. He acted in "Pirates of the Caribben" and in "The Hobbit"
WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE was the most important poet and playwright in English literature
CHARLES DARWIN was a naturalist and geologist
The typic english meal is generally make up from a dish of meat with vegetables. Characteristics are roast beef, beef, lamb or pork. There are puddings, plum-cake, cheese-cake and pies. In the morning for breakfast there are cereals, porridge and toast, while tea is traditionally drunk in afternoon. Popular drinks are whisky and beer. Fish and chips are very popular, too.
In UK there are two popular festival: Halloween and Saint George.
A HALLOWEEN tradition is Jack o' lantern. This lantern is a pumpkin with a face. There is a candle in the pumpkin. The lanterns are a protection from evil spirits.
SAINT GEORGE is the Saint Patron of England. Saint George's day is on 23 April. In the tradition, the flag of Saint George flies. The Sunday after Saint George's Day, scouts march into church with this flag. People sing the hymn called "Jerusalem".
The DOUBLE DECKER is a red bus that has two decks
The TAXI CABS are world famous
PRINCE GEORGE OF CAMBRIDGE is the son of William and Kate. He was born on 22 July 2013
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