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Miss Qureshi

No description

Miss Qureshi

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Miss Qureshi

Step 1
First, you will need:
a butter knife
two slices of wheat or white bread
a jar of jelly
a jar of peanut butter
a plate
Step 2
Place the plate on top of a table or kitchen counter. Have all the ingredients and supplies within reach.

Step 3
Place the two bread slices flat on the plate side by side, do not place on top of each other.
Miss Qureshi
Web Design

How To Make a
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Step 4
Use your hands to twist and remove the top lid of the peanut butter jar and the jelly jar.

Place the lids nearby but out of the way.
Step 5
Use the butter knife to scoop jelly out of the jar.

Use the knife to transfer the jelly onto ONE of the slices of bread on only one of its flat surfaces.

Use the knife to spread it around the surface evenly.
Step 6
Now, use the butterknife to scoop peanut butter out of the peanut butter jar.

Transfer the peanut butter to the OTHER slice of bread and spread evenly on one of its flat surfaces.
Step 7
Place the knife to the side on the counter top and out of the way.

Step 8
Pick up the slice of bread covered in peanut butter.

You will place it on top of the other slice of bread. Important: PLACE IT SO THAT THE SIDE WITH THE PEANUT BUTTER TOUCHES THE SIDE OF THE OTHER TOAST WITH JELLY.
step 9
Pick up your butter knife.

You will use it to cut your finished sandwich in half. Do this by leaving the sandwich laying flat on the plate. Inset the knife in the center at the top and press down as you slide the knife down the middle.

Now, you will have two halves of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.
Step 10
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