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Parks and Recreation

No description

Darby Johnson

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Parks and Recreation

Crash Proof
For safety purposes we have decided that we will have crash friendly material so that when children fall they will have a safe landing. That material will be a plastic padding. That will be made of recycled materials.
At our park we will have walkways and sidewalks for people to run, walk, and stay fit. We will make sure that the path is made out of materials that are good for the earth. We will have gyms and tracks for people who play sports can go.
Not a change
Like regular parks, we will have swings, slides, monkey bars, teter toters, and much more. Although some of the things we have on the list, are not eco-friendly, we are going to change that as much as we can. These are just a couple of things that will stay the same.
Parks And Recreation
The Amusement Park
We are also in charge of making amusement parks that will be as eco-friendly as possible. It will have regular bathrooms that have flush-able toilets instead of nasty porta-potties. We will have solar panels on sidewalk lamps so that they can charge during the day and can turn on automatically during the night. We will have many fun rides concession stands, and many other things to make this community awesome.
As you know we are in charge of a lot of things, we also are the ones who decide what kind of energy we use in our park. Our group has gone through a list of natural resources that could be used to power our parks and recreation. Between many different ideas, we have came up with two different energy sources. Those are hydroelectricity and solar energy. We have came up with due to the sun and water in Fiji.

A eco-friendly park means we have to make the park as enviroment safe as possible. So that means, we need trees to get fresh air. We also will have drains and ponds so the park won't overflow anyd we will have solar panels so it doesn't use up fossil fuels. Our park will be a no litter zone because we will have trash and recycling bins so you don't have to keep it in your pocket and worry about it falling out.
Hydroelectric and Solar
Thanks for your consideration :)
We will have walkways through the forest that have the origanal plant and animals. They will be safe because they will have rails and will be above the ground. They will be made out of recycled material and will be wooden. It will be totally Eco-Friendly.
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