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Toys in the 1950s

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Andrew Laquerre

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Toys in the 1950s

How did Toys Reflect American People
Toys have always reflected what's going on in the world. In the 50's, toys were based on cars, beauty, and the randomness of the decade.
Toys and Americans in the 50s
The 1950's were filled with innovation and infrastructure. The government created highways for people (and missiles) to have easier access around the country. These highways made it much easier for Americans to commute and connect. They were able to value and honor these roadways by making toys based on cars.
New Toys
One of the new toys of the 1950's was Mr. Potato head. It was invented in 1949 and Hasbro began production of it in 1952. The Mr. Potato head toy was the first ever to be advertised on television. The toy was originally just pieces of plastic that you could stick into a potato or any vegetable.
What was different?
The huge increase of toy production and new toys in the 1950's happened because of the baby boom that happened at the start of the decade. More babies and kids, meant more toys.Toys started to reflect more on what was considered to be normal or expected, especially of women. The Barbie doll was invented in the late 1950's by Ruth Handler of Mattel. The doll was created with unnaturally long legs, a tiny waist, and blond hair. This was what women were expected to look like. The figure of the doll reflected normalcy in America
Toys and Other Culture
Toys began intermingling with other parts of American culture in the 1950's more than ever. People started to swarm to there television sets and advertisers were smarting up and taking advantage of this by using TV stars to help advertise their products.
Toys in the 1950s
Impact on the 60s
Drive-ins and Drive through
Americans were falling in love with cars, and kids wanted to be apart of it. They started playing with drive-in toys and car toys.
Roy Rogers was a very popular television show for kids and he used his image to help promote "Post Sugar Crisps" with a Roy Rogers Ranch Set premium.
View - Master
Although the view-master was invented in 1919, the company that owned it, Sawyers Inc., started to become very wealthy in the early 50's. They had just bought out their biggest competitor and everything was going great for
One of the reasons Sawyers Inc. was becoming so popular was because they gave licensing rights to Walt Disney Studios. Walt Disney studios had just created Disneyland and Sawyers Inc. was capitalizing on the opportunity to use Disney characters.
3-D Movies
The golden era of 3D movies is considered to be 1952-1954. Most of the features used a method of 3D movies called "Dual Strip." Dual strip is recorded by the image pairs recorded by placing one film above the other and attaching a prism on the lens.
Hula Hoops and Frisbee
In the early 1950's people were starting to do weird things. One of them happened to swinging a hoop around their hips. In the late 1950's Wham-O successfully sold over 25 million plastic hoops in under 4 months. Another odd toy of the 50s and today is the Frisbee. Wham-O began mass manufacturing of the Frisee in 1957. The name was invented by the owners of Wham-O in order to have a catchy name that people could remember.
The toys during the 1960s greatly reflected what happened in the 50s. There GI Joes, which intertwined with the Korean War and the GI Bill. There were easy bake ovens for little girls to practice being a good house wife. Even toys based on the auto industry boom were created, Matchbox.
The suburbs were a new thing in the world, and they were invented thanks to middle class Americans. Neighbors where always competing to be the first to have some new type of technology. Just like the boy in the video said "Be the first in your neighborhood to own and operate a Ram Co. movieland drive-in theater!"


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