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Fast Food Nation Synthesis Outline

No description

Nate Howard

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Fast Food Nation Synthesis Outline

Where's My Neck?: The Synthesis of Childhood Obesity in America
By: Nate Howard Introduction:
Fast food consumption in America has led to an increase in childhood obesity. This can be seen through the advertising that target's America's youth, fast food's availability to kids, and the job opportunities that fast food joints offer teens. Paragraph One: Advertising and Celebrity ID
Ads are abundant & often directed at kids with the use of toys, models etc. (complaintsboard.com)
Celebrity ID is frequently used by fast food corporations (idcelebrity.com) Paragraph Two: Availability and Accessibility
Fast food is more available to kids than ever before, as mentioned in Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation (Schlosser 7).
Along with abundance and availability, kids can access fast foods more easily than ever before (Motluk). ` Paragraph Three:
Fast food joints are a leading job choice for teens, keeping kids coming back and allowing the industry to thrive (Burke).
Often times, workers at food establishments get discounted or free meals from their employer, which results in teens eating high fat foods frequently. Conclusion:
It is clear that heavy advertising, availability, and widespread job opportunities in the fast food industry are leading causes of childhood obesity. Those kids who are looking to be fit should avoid these dangers altogether to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for viewing this electronic presentation. Also, a special thanks goes out to Mrs. Hassett and Mrs. Stewart for knocking some sense into me and helping me hone in my sometimes erratic thought processing.
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