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Our Journey

CELEBRATE successes and achievements, ENERGIZE employees, and AIM for the future.

Faye Sit

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of Our Journey

Together, we embraced challenges and overcame bumps along the way, to meet our targets and exceed expectations.

We started off with just 15 people, but within 2.5 years, our team has grown.

DTC is now made up of 65 brilliant minds and amazing personalities from 13 different countries.
WE Grew

Revenue 2012: MNOK 46
Revenue 2013: MNOK 148
Revenue 2014: MNOK 125*
WE created an Impact
As we grew, so did our service offerings and competencies.
Many of you have proudly represented DTC at important industry conferences to showcase our talents and competencies.
We’ve even had our own conferences and workshops where we were able to showcase our thought leadership!
The success of Pipeline Day 2013 was unprecedented!

“This was a well-organized workshop. There should be more of such workshops that are focused on technical details and guided by thematic areas.”
– Prof Chan Eng Soon, Dean of Faculty of Engineering at NUS
In alliance with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Singapore and Innovation Norway, DTC hosted the Asia Offshore Technology Conference 2013 in Singapore.

Key speakers from the industry including EDB Executive Director, Lim Kok Kiang, CEO of DNV GL, Henrik Madsen and Group Chairman of Douglas-Westwood, John Westwood.

WE Learnt
At DTC, the adventure and learning never stops!
WE Innovated
*Forecast (Drop from 2013 explained: operations in Indonesia no longer under DTC)
… to become Asia Pacific’s leading competence centre and prime technical advisor covering the entire value chain, from the sea surface to the reservoir!
Global Technical Trainee Program
Knowledge Booster
Mentoring Program
Traditional Courses
In just 2.5 years, we have invested over $1million in innovation and spearheaded 4 Joint Industry Projects to help the industry become safer and smarter.
The SliPIPE, one of DTC’s earliest major achievements in Innovation, won the 2nd prize Award for Significant Contribution to Subsea Pipeline Technology 2014.
Project team:
DTC - Chia Chor Yew, Phan Anh Phi Hung, Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, Zhu Hong Jiang, Tok Kian Seng, Håvard Brandt, Edwardus Ng
DNV GL Norway - Jonathan Wiggen, Leif Collberg, Asle Venås, Kjell Einar Eriksson, Olav Fyrileiv
DNV GL Netherlands - Jan Spiekhout
The Local Brittle Zones JIP was the 1st ever Joint Industry Project to be launched and PM-ed by DTC!
Project team:
DTC – Jens P. Tronskar, Hamid Reza Mirkhani, Rikard Tornqvist
DNV Norway – Bjørn-Andreas Hugaas, Erling Østby
Project team:
DTC – Jens P. Tronskar, Rikard Törnqvist, Xu Da Qin, Steven Chong, Mats Gustafsson
DNV GL Columbus – Colum Holtam, RamgopalThodla
Concrete Coating JIP
Project team: DTC - Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, Chia Chor Yew, Rikard Törnqvist, Kapil Mohan
DNV GL Norway – Asle Venås, Olav Fyrileiv
JIP Initiation Workshop
To continue being an innovation hub and to help DTC idea generators to succeed, we had the first-ever JIP initiation workshop here in DTC this June.

We are confident that with the talent pool we have, DTC has what it takes to continue making breakthroughs in the O&G industry.
WE had Fun

Owing to all your hard work and teamwork, over 100 delegates attended the conference. There was so much mutual learning, and we received lots of attention from the media as well as recognition from the industry for our technical expertise and service leadership.
We strive to continue to develop our knowledge and competencies with the 70:20:10 learning model.
And while achievements are important, your career development and welfare remains DTC’s priority.
Great environment for working, innovation, & career development
Work-life balance
Attract and retain our talents and experts
More team bonding sessions and more social committee members
More cross-section collaboration, integrated services, learning and knowledge sharing
But it is not the end of our growth, fun, and learning... After all, the sky is the limit!
Our goal for the future is to achieve world-class Service Leadership, Operational Excellence, and Customer Intimacy, as a team.
With a team of holistic experts and professionals, and a world-class suite of services, we can expect our network and business to flourish as well.
Thank you for all your sweat & tears over the last 2.5 years
...the future of DTC belongs to us, DTCers. Each one of you can make a huge difference.
Let’s continue to aim for the skies
More Growth
More Impact
More Learning
More Innovation
and definitely a lot more Fun!

DTC was established in Singapore in January 2012...

Ping Li
Raghunathan Ramani
Lu Li
Mohd Hafiz Shafie
Shashi Bhushan Kumar
Shaodong Zhang

Imagine a network of Deepwater Technology Centres operating as one... presenting even greater opportunities for knowledge transfer, innovation, and personal & career development.
IDP contest Winners

The Floating Systems section in DTC also organized the Offshore Technology Conference on Advanced Hydrodynamics and Mooring.

The conference was a major success, gathering the local scientific community with more than 40 customers and 20 colleagues!
Havard Brandt represented DTC and delivered an interesting presentation on the key aspects of offshore safety regime and the importance of a risk-based approach, which set the scene for the panel discussion on offshore safety and regulatory environment, chaired by James Brown.
& climb to greater heights together!
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