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TKAM Appearance VS Reality


Allan Sabater

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of TKAM Appearance VS Reality

To Kill a Mockingbird Appearance Vs Reality - Scout was raised with the positive influence of her father,
so she is innocent to the damage of racism

- Scout is amazed by the numerous insults she receives from people about Atticus taking the case, insults such as Atticus being a "n***** lover"

- During trial, Tom Robinson is declared guilty even though Atticus had overwhelming evidence to defend Tom

- She is unable to see that Tom Robinson was still proven guilty due to the racism of Maycomb, as stated before that she is innocent to the damage of racism - Scout's teacher Miss.Caroline tells Scout to tell Atticus to stop teaching her, since she had already learned what they were learning, making school appear to be useless to Scout

- Majority of people did not agree with what Atticus was doing

- They looked at what Atticus was doing with disappointment and hatred

- Atticus' actions brought Mr.Cunningham and a group of men in front of the jail

- Scout was unable to see that the group of men including one of their family friends Mr.Cunningham were trying to take Tom Robinson by force

- Unable to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation, Scout decides to talk to Mr.Cunningham

- Her conversation with him makes Mr.Cunningham think of all the times Atticus' helped him with his entailment's and how he asked for very little in return

- Scout is not aware of the dangerousness of the mob, as she most likely only saw it as a group of men having a conversation with Atticus Thanks For Listening! :) - Seeing something different from
what it actually is

- For example Scout and Jem do not understand that Arthur Radley is a disabled person but they see his tendencies as strange and inhuman How Scout sees other people How Scout views Racism How Scout sees the events of Maycomb What is Appearance VS Reality? - When we were kids, most of us were scared of the dark and what lurked in it

- Things such as a pile of clothes became a monster, and closets became gateways to hell

- These things we saw were different from what they really were (Appearance VS Reality) - Scout sees characters from a child's perspective, so she does not understand them completely

- Boo Radley is seen as something far
from who he really is

- Mrs.Dubose is seen a bitter old woman,
not knowing the full picture of Mrs.Dubose

- Tom Robinson is seen as an innocent black
man, innocent of the rape accusations
made by Bob Ewell, when he could have
been guilty By: Allan, JJ, Patrick, and Stephen What is it?
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