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The future face of America

No description

Sarah Bryant

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The future face of America

Hispanic Prejudice How bad is it really? Why should we care? Hispanics are the FASTEST growing population in the United States
Hispanics are the YOUNGEST growing population in the United States It's really THAT bad? What can we do to end the prejudice? 6/15 agreed that they often catch themselves using offensive slang terms for hispanics 10/15 agreed that they often catch their friends or family using offensive slange terms for hispanics HATE CRIMES Why the hispanics? They are an easy group to blame Different language Different cultural approach to daily life Different skin color / overall different outward appearance People tend to fear what is different IRRATIONAL fears HISPANICS ARE THE FUTURE FACE OF AMERICA WE NEED TO ACCEPT OUR COUNTRY THE WAY IT IS GROWING AND BECOMING OR THE AMERICAN SOCIETY WILL FACE EVEN MORE SERIOUS PROBLEMS IN THE FUTURE. TEACH OUR CHILDREN!! Why discrmination and prejudice are bad Through words AND actions! Teach the Spanish Language and Culture! This will help them to overcome some of the irrational fears that develop into prejudices DECIDE FOR YOURSELF to overcome hispanic prejudice.
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