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Geo assignment

yasmiin algadi

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of OXFAM

Yasmiin Algadi & Sakina Asgar Oxfam Oxfam is an Australian organisation with a goal
to work for a future free from poverty Get involved with Oxfam Funds are made from non-tax-deductable income from supporters and orgnisations. Gifts can also be donated. At least 90% of donations go towards projects. The other 10% goes towards advertising and promotions. Places that are more populated like countries in the continent of Africa and Asia have more food inequalities than less populated countries like Australia and the USA. Oxfam helps countries dealing with food inequalities. They work and operate in the following countries Bangladesh
Papa New Guinea
Soloman Islands
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Zimbabwe For over 50 years, Oxfam has been working with communities, providing them with skills and resources and helping create solutions to their poverty. Oxfam believes in supporting communities by giving them the resources they need so they can solve their own problems. They plan and lead projects around Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific. The way these projects work is by supporters volunteering to donate money, attending meetings and sometimes travelling overseas to the specific country of the project. Some projects include helping Indigenous Australians tackle the health crisis, protect East Asia's natural environment, fight gender discrimination in the Pacific, combat food shortages in Africa and provide clean water to communities in Timor-Leste, HOW DOES OXFAM
WORK? They advocate and campaign for a
world of justice Getting involved with Oxfam is easy. FOOD INEQUITY MAP Join Oxfam's organisation and campaign. Pledge your support and Oxfam can ensure that the start of a better future starts now! hi hi ♔ The global food system is broken. Millions of people around the world go hungry everyday. But Oxfam believes the future of the food system could change. It could be a system where everyone always has enough to eat. THE BROKEN FOOD SYSTEM www.oxfam.org.au There are many ways to donate... make a general donation
make a monthly donation
current appeals
fundraising events
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