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The Blind Side

No description

Victoria Quarles

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of The Blind Side

Michael Oher:
"Big Mike"
Never has his own bed
Does not know where his father is
Strong and fast
Later left tackle for Ole Miss football Team.

Focuses on 2 story lines:

How offensive football strategy has evolved over the last 30 years
impact of Lawrence Taylor led to increased significance of left tackle

Story of Michael Oher
- young black teenager growing up in a poor neighboor hood
Lived in a poor neighborhood, missed school a lot. The Tuohy Family took him in and all lives were impacted by this big change. Michael is introduced to football and discovers he is very talented.
By Grace, Maggie, Robert, and Jan
The Blind Side
Info on Michael Lewis
Michael Monroe Lewis

Oct. 15 1960

Non-fiction writer and journalist

Liar's Poker (1989)
The New Thing (2000)
The Blind Side (2006)

Earned his BA in Art History at Princeton University

Sean Tuohy:
Since kindergarten.
Michael Oher over dinner with Sean Tuohy.
Tabitha Lewis inspired Michael to write about Oher
She pushed him to acknowledge his interest in Oher.

Sean Tuohy:
Pays for Michael's tuition
Adoptive father
Is a volunteer Coach at Michael's high school
Rich businessman
Former football player for Ole Miss.

Leigh Anne Tuohy
Takes Michael off the streets
Adoptive mother
Played significant role in Michael's life
Ole Miss cheerleader
Collins Tuohy:
Daughter of Sean and Leigh Anne
Cheerleader at Ole Miss
SJ Tuohy:
Son of Leigh Anne and Sean
Introduces Michael as his "big brother"
Negotiates with college coaches
Denise Oher:
Michael's biological mother
Addicted to drugs
Very poor
13 children

"The Blind Side" -- What QB cannot see
Not just football
Does not dwell on past
Struggle but betters himself
High School Football Coach
Didnt know how to work with Michael at first
Miss Sue
Michael's tutor
Memphis, TN

Football Field

Ole Miss
Football Fans
Hard at first--First two chapters
=Mostly Yes
Discussion Question:
How do you think Leigh Anne's life was changed by Micheal?
"'Where are you going?' he asked.
'To basketball practice,' says Big Mike.
'Michael, you don't have basketball practice,' says Sean.
'I know,' says the boy. 'But they got heat there.'
Sean didn't understand that one.
'It's nice and warm in that gym,' said the boy.
As they drove off, Sean looked over and saw tears streaming down Leigh Ann's face. And he thought:
Uh-oh, my wife's about to take over."
"She had treated Michael as she treated their other two children, which is to say she lavished upon him most of the material comforts and spiritual guidance known to mankind. 'A year ago he didn't have a bed to sleep in and wouldn't look you in the eye,' said Sean. 'Now he's got a car, money in his pocket, and everyone knows who he is.' No wonder he got better at football his senior year, thought Leigh Anne. He was charging off the ball with confidence because he was arriving at the football field with confidence."
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