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Clickerless clickers and the wirless signal.

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Craig McNeile

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Clickerless clickers and the wirless signal.

Clickerless clickers and the wireless signal.
Free now, but perhaps they will charge at some stage.
There is a 2.0 version I have not used.
Looks like a startup from Boston and Palo Alto
Comments on Socrative
Basic idea
Socrative (from Tom) http://www.socrative.com/
naiku (from Paul)
mentimeter (from Paul)
Possible polling in moodle
Clicker (cost about $50)
One free option (159 dollars for additional stuff)
What is my current goal?
The maths students at Plymouth University have been loaned
clickers, but we also do service teaching.
It would be disruptive to hand them out
in an engineering class.
I will have a bit of a play with the
Time for you to play:
Go to http://m.socrative.com/
My room number is: 228679
There are also Apps for Android and Iphone.
I used to have an Ipod, camera, and phone.
Now I mostly just use a phone for everything
But clickers come with their own "wireless"
I sometimes stop a lecture to ask a question to the class.
This is partly to break up the talking, but perhaps the questions could be better used.
Questions are sometimes are answered by a subset of students who are confident enough to speak.
Goal to make happy and engaged students not assesment (MapleTA for testing),
Feedback important to me and students.
There are a number of different choices for clickerless clickers:
Mentimeter is easy to use
Produces nice graphics
Not too many options
Only 50 people per room
Quizes can be shared
The reporting graphics don't look great, but output can be loaded into spreadsheet.
Option to write question on board and get yes/no feedback.
Some game quizz
Can get exit feedback
Not everyone has a smart phone!
Asking questions in a meeting is a skill!
It can be annoying for people to be tapping on devices in a lecture theatre
Is this any better than putting up a problem on the white board? See the paper below.
Plymouth is rolling out the moodle
learning enviroment.
Picture below (from 2007) used
poll block in moodle.
My Motivation
(Also papers in MSOR connections)
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