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Youth Speak Story Board Draft

No description

Nada Rifki

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Youth Speak Story Board Draft

"THE END" by
Global Girl Media This documentary objective is to promote the work that will be done by, with and for the Youth.

This is a Draft so we'll keep developing it as we get more content

We're a team now and we welcome any of your suggestions Example: Typewriter Effect Type Writer Effect "Reality :
Daily Life of [Surname] " Advice Story Board Draft Youth Speak Morocco Stop Motion Example Interview The most emotional representative part of the interviews that we'll get from the field. Map Zooming What the Youth Speak project is about and Why. THE PORTRAIT Type Writer Effect "Understanding the Reality" THE FOLLOWING OF
THE RESEARCH WORK Solutions Advice from the Youth to the Youth Solutions from the Youth to the Adults
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