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Persuasive Writing Intro

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Matthew Rohring

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Persuasive Writing Intro

GHES 5th Grade
Persuasive Writing
What is Persuasive Writing?
Writing used to influence the reader to take action
or to subscribe to a belief

A persuasive essay is one which tries to convince the reader to believe what the writer believes about a certain topic. It tells the writer's opinion and why the reader should agree.
What are some characteristics
of persuasive writing?
overview of topic
statement of author's position/argument
supporting facts/reasons (need 3)
appeal to reader
Where can you find some
examples of persuasive writing?
What should be in your
persuasive writing?
clear introduction that states opinion or position
reasons logically ordered to support the opinion
facts and details that support the opinion
linking words, clauses and phrases, that connect reasons and facts
persuasive language
strong conclusion that summarizes the opinion or position
Sum it up!
Persuasive writing is used to influence the opinion
of the reader.
Some components of persuasive writing are:
statement of position
supportive argument
and may sometimes include facts from the opposing view

Some places persuasive writing can be found are
in magazines, ads, commercials, movie/book reviews, and posters.
movie/book reviews
Think about the Oreo when you write! The stuffing in the middle is "WHY" you eat the Oreo! It's also the "REASON" why your reader should agree with you!
Can your Oreo be this "STUFFED" with reasons to
support your opinion? YES! If you give effort!
Writing Journal Time
Make 3 categories in a chart
1) In the classroom
2) In the school
3) In the community

Fill in the chart with "issues" that you have a strong opinion about and you can STUFF your writing with reasons to support your opinion.
Example: In the community there should be more open fields for kids to play.
What did all of these commercials have in common?

What were they trying to PERSUADE you to do?

The writer's of these commercials used
PERSUASIVE WRITING to get you to feel a certain way.

Did it work?
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