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No description

Kelsi Nosal

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of Unbroken

Imagine qualifying for the dream you've pursued your whole life, only to lose a life of glory to the brutality and suffering of you would soon endure.
My Purpose
Describe voice and purpose of author
I-V-FT Summary
Dash Outline
The Zamperini family moves from Italy to California; their youngest son, Louie, struggles to adjust.
Louie starts track in 1932, and quickly becomes the "fastest high school miler in American history" (Hillenbrand 1.3).
In the Olympic trials, Louie ties with Lash for first to make the 1936 Olympic team, but only finishes eighth in the finals.
The 1940 Olympics - which Louie was guaranteed to win - are cancelled, and Louie soon joins the Army Air Corps as a bombardier.
Louie's plane, "The Flying Brick," goes down over the Pacific, Louie and Phil survive 46 days at sea.
Captured by the Japanese, Louie and Phil are sent to a POW camp on "Execution Island."
Louie endures endless torture in several different camps, is strongly disliked by the Japanese officials, and faces a possible execution before the war can end.
On September 2, 1945, the Japanse release an offical surrender - the war is over, and Louie returns home.
He marries Cynthia Applewhite, but she later files for divorce when his alcoholism and abuse are unbearable.
Forced to go by his wife, Louie attends a sermon that opens his eyes to religion.
Author's Voice
Kelsi Nosal
Author's Purpose
In Laura Hillenbrand's novel
Louie Zamperini's dreams of an Olympic medal are quickly replaced with a calamitous life fighting in WWII.
Suffering of WWII for individuals
Louie's perseverance and tenacity
Summarized, explained voice and purpose of author
Informational, emotional
Zamperini and Lash at the Olympic trials
B-24 Liberator, the first plane Zamperini was assigned
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