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Jintan Football Academy & Jintan Football Club

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Bart van Gastel

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Jintan Football Academy & Jintan Football Club

Jintan Football Academy & Jintan Football Club
How to become the best men's and women's football academy in China?
How to become the first ever club in China to be founded from its own youth academy?

Presentation by Martijn Schwillens & Bob Thomassen
Schwillens & Thomassen Sport Consultancy

18 april 2013

600.000 inhabitants (city)
79 million inhabitants (South Jiangshu)
No football academy
FIFA Ranking China: 95th
No football club
One rival academy in province
800.00 inhabitants (city)
1.5 million inhabitants (region)
Top Ten football academy in the world
FIFA Ranking The Netherlands: 5th
AFC Ajax Amsterdam (Eredivisie)
36 rival academies
45.000 inhabitants (city)
300.000 inhabitants (region)
Best youth academy in north of France
Fifa Ranking France: 23rd
Valenciennes FC (Ligue 1)
60 rival academies
Potential can only be reached by educating players.
Therefore a good structure, in both buildings as well as staff, is essential!

Schwillens & Thomassen Sport Consultancy,
will deliver a top football academy
(following Dutch FA standards)
in Jintan, at which players can develop into professional
football players within optimal circumstances.

The goal of every player is to be part
of the first team of a to be reformed
Jintan Football Club.

Strategy & Education
At Jintan Football Academy activities
will take place during both daytime and evening. For the age groups Under 8 until Under 12 training sessions will take place in the evenings, with the Under 13 until Under 19 age groups the training sessions will take place during daytime and evenings.

Apart from this the Jintan Football Academy
would have to work with different specialists,
such as:
Video analyst
Sport psychologist
Nutrition expert (Chinese)
Running coach
Condition trainer

The Under 8 ‘till Under 13 age groups will be placed within the Amateur Branch. These players have been scouted in the direct surroundings of Jintan, nearby cities and selection days.
The scouting area of the groups Under 13 until Under 19 will be larger: the whole Jiangsu province and, in the long term, maybe also the Shanghai area. These groups are part of the professional branch of Jintan Football Academy.
All teams to play at the highest possible level.

Besides a Talent Development Scheme for players the Jintan Football Academy will also have an Education Development Programme, including an education and developing path for Chinese coaches as well as a game coaching scheme in general and individual coaches following the Dutch FA methodology.

Jintan Football Club
- The U23 will be the flagship of the academy and will play in the China Second League and, on the long term, will promote to Chinese Jia League (One). On the long run also to the Chinese Super League.

- First ever professional Chinese football club (men and women) founded from its own academy.

- Sister clubs in Brazil, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Football stadium
Boarding school
Five grass pitches
Two artificial pitches
Indoor hall
Athletics hall
President's Lounge
Sponsors' Lounge
Players' Lounge
Medical room
Physio room
Class room
Estimated costs for all football facilities
3 to 8 million Euros, based on European standards.

Extra and optional facilities
Congress Center
Shopping mall
‘Green’ roof
Et cetera

How to generate money?
Entry fee for matches
Selling players
Educating Chinese football coaches
Training camps for international teams
Renting facilities
Hotel nights
Use of restaurant
TV rights
Shopping mall

Academy to be opened in February 2015 (in time for new season)

Jintan Football Academy &
Jintan Football Club
Reference work
Scarborough Football Club (UK)
Botafogo Futebol Regatas (Brasil)
Football Fortuna Sittard (Holland)
KRC Genk (Belgium)
World championship football U21
Formation of the Jintan Football Academy and Jintan Men's and Women's Football Club is highly recommended by:
Wim Hillenaar mayor of Cuijk
Michel van Veen former deputy mayor of Cuijk and now member of the Dutch Parliament (Health and Sports)
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