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"Collection of Collectables"

No description

Team KAJM Group 39

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of "Collection of Collectables"

"Collection of Collectables"
Tattoo Collections...
Even Kate Moss, fashions wild child, is a collector of tattoos. In a recent interview with Vogue Magazine she speaks of a tattoo on her lower back reported to be worth a record £1million saying “It’s an original Freud. I wonder how much a collector would pay for that? A few million? I’d skin-graft it." (Graham,2012)
Gnome Collections...
In the mid 1800's a German sculptor named Phillip Griebel brought to life a little terracotta character called the Garden Gnome, believed to be inspired by gnome legends that were particularly popular in Germany at the time. (Herrington, 2009). Little did he know what a collectable they would become!
Comic Book Collections...
Comic books can be sought anywhere from your corner store, to online stores and eBay. However the serious collector can find lots of useful information of where to source collectable items and tips by joining a club such as the Comic Book Collecting Association (CBCA,2011).
Gary Doss is the owner and founder of The Burlingham Museum of Pez Memorabilia. In a recent interview Gary was asked why he thinks Pez dispensers are so important to people around the globe? His answer was simply "Pez dispensers are the perfect toy. It is a toy that gives you candy! And they are silly. I think the world can use more silly!" (Traynor, 2010)
Pez Collections
(motilo, 2013).
(Collections Etc, 2013)
(Amazing Kids Magazine, 2010).
In order to discern whether sources were credible, and thus fit for use, the following criteria were applied:
-The source was not collaboratively edited (e.g. Wikipedia)
-Sources were well known and renowned for information accuracy (Guinness World Records)
-Sources were authored by a person or persons with clearly discernable authority on the subject matter (e.g. The Gnome Master)
-Websites information was up to date (produced or updated in 2007 at the latest)
-Information contained in the source was verifiable and consistent with other works
On February 22, 2010, a copy of 'Action Comics #1' sold at auction for US $1 million, becoming the first million-dollar comic book and has more recently reached sales of up to 2.16 million dollars. Valuable not only due to the fact it was the worlds first glimpse at everybody's favourite super-hero, Super-man but in fact the first taste of any modern day super hero.
Cathy Ward from Reading, England, got her first Twilight tattoo to show her appreciation for the show that helped her lose six dress sizes. "Cathy was so preoccupied reading the books and watching the movies that she just didn't have time to eat" (Spooky, 2013). She has since spent over $10,900 on Twilight tattoos.
(M&Y Media)
Some people collect Pez purely for enjoyment, others consider it a sound economic investment... The Pez dispensers below are widely considered the most valuable Pez in existence:
1. 1982 World's Fair Astronaut, $32,000
2. Mickey Mouse Soft Head, $7,000
3. Make-A-Face Pez Playset $2,500
4. Box Trademark, $1,500
5. Alpine Man, $1,000
(Joseph Gibson 2012)
World's Fair Astronaut $32,000
The comic book originated in the United States in the late 1800's. To comic book enthusiasts, they are seen as more than just a type of entertainment aimed at children, they are a representation of current cultural trends as well as being a sophisticated art form.
Garden Gnome's can be purchased through a number of online stores. However, for true gnome lovers, there is an Australian Gnome Convention held every year on Australia Day, hosted by the Rotary Club of the Lower Blue Mountains. For further information individuals can email the "gnomemaster" (gnomemaster@australiangnomeconvention.com.au).
Pez comes from the German word ‘pfefferminz’ it was invented in 1927 by Eduard Haas III as a breath mint. In 1948 the packaging and dispenser was changed to discourage smoking. In 1950 the Americans added fruity flavours and introduced a characterized body shapes.
After returning from his travels in Germany (1847), Sir Charles Isham brought twenty-one terracotta gnomes back to his home in the United Kingdom. Only one of these twenty-one original gnome survives today. He is known as “Lampy”.
The Australian Tattoo & Body Art Expo is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. The expo attracts 40,000 visitors and brings together an exciting range of creative, talented artists, providing opportunity to make appointments and get inked by the best in the business.
Brett Chilman (aka 'The Comic book guy') from Western Australia has the largest collection of comic books with more than 68,000 in his private collection. He has been collecting for 30 years and in total they are worth more than $1.3 million.
Collections come in many shapes and sizes and in this day and age most items reach some level of collectable rareness ranging from tattoos, comic books, gnomes and pez, these are just a few among a vast array of pieces. For some collecting is a hobby but for others it is an addiction, where stopping at a few is not enough. Collectables can open up new social circles, whether it be by going to conventions and meeting people or by creating talking points, it’s all a bit of fun!
Evidence of tattooing has more recently been dated back from the Egyptian mummies dated c. 2000 B.C. to a carbon dated 5,200 year old “iceman” discovered around the Italian-Austrian border. Tattooing as we know it today using multiple coloured inks to create pictures is believed to have started in Japan. Tattooing became popular post war after sailors and soldiers would bring home collectibles of their travels.
Fenno Jacobs 1944
Ron Broomfield is a retired window cleaner who is reported to own over 1,600 gnomes (Eddy, 2011), the world largest known collection of gnomes. Also known as 'Ron the Gnome' he himself is often referred to as a real life gnome.
Even though we have only touched on few collectables the possibilities are endless, as are the motivations. Reflecting back on these particular collections the pez , comic book, tattoo and gnome collectors all have something in common being that they have all somewhat become experts on their topic and in their minds created a sense of happiness. Their desire to collect has in some way preserved the past and created sentimental collections that are indeed...

all a bit of fun!

Pez Dispensers are easily located through online stores. EBay stocks a wide range of new and second hand Pez. In 2006 one of the two existing 1982 World's Fair Pez was sold on eBay for a record $32,205!
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