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Air Pressure

No description

XxXmyXxX mom

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Air Pressure

air pressure
The force exerted by air whether compressed or unconfined, on any surface in contact with it.
cumulus clouds
cumulus clouds are clouds that are fluffy and not in groups
alto stratus
a cumulus hold a huge amount of rain , huge.
stratus clouds
stratus clouds are clouds that are grouped and take up the whole
wispy,and high in the air, 20,000 feet with a wavy look to it
did you know
cumulus and stratus clouds can go up to 6,500 feet and cumulus clouds are 20,000 feet
did you know
cumulus clouds come in different size and shapes
the weathers life
cumulonimbus clouds are cumulus clouds that rain and are much bigger

wind is air being pushed
in a curtain
Alto stratus is formed by the lifting of a large mostly stable air mass that causes invisible water vapor to condense into cloud. It can produce light precipitation, often in the form of wispy wave. If the precipitation increases in persistence and intensity, the alto stratus cloud may thicken into nimbo stratus
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