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The Advantages and disadvantages of Acculturation

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Turner Sharp

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of The Advantages and disadvantages of Acculturation

The Lost Boys of Sudan
What does acculturation look like?
Two Reasons Why Acculturation is Good in This Situation
1: They were able to learn how to live the American lifestyle.
2: Transformed the boys into a new group to help them thrive in society.
Two Reasons Why Acculturation Is Bad
1: The new culture may overtake your original culture.
2: Acculturation may be a forceful action by a majority group trying to take over a minority group.
Assimilation From the Viewpoint of the Hmong Peoples
The Issue
The Hmong were a group of people living in Southeast Asia who were mistreated in Asia for practicing their traditional religion. During the Vietnam War, the Hmong fought on the side of the United States. The suriving members of the Hmong (approximately 160,000) immigrated to the U.S
That was only one of the times the Hmong went through assimilation. The second one is once they moved to the U.S.A. They had to leave their traditional values such as living 3 or 4 families to a house.
Not To Mention
They were expected to take over the "American" lifestyle. No longer were they forced to become a farmer, now they have secondary education and career options! Women now have more authority and so do children.
Good and Bad
In this example the issue was both good and bad. The good was they were able to practice their own religion freely. The bad was that they had to give up their traditional customs almost forcing them to blend in with the American people.
Humans seen as animals.
An example of marginalization is the Slave Trade. Men and women being seen as less that human, or being alienated.
Good or Bad?
In this situation the topic (Marginalization) was very bad for the people being affected. A loss of freedom and any rights that they once had in the past. Now they were forced to become animal and obey their master .
The Lost Boys of Sudan once again is another great example for this topic
Good or Bad?
This particular example of accommodation is very good for the Lost Boys. They were given resources to get orientated, help with their language skills, given opportunities in education
Cultural Revitalization
An example of cultural revitalization would be the First Nations of America. Being stripped of their land and somehow regaining their property.
Generally cultural revitalization is good and most likely always will be. If you think about it their culture is being revitalized. Almost put back to their original state.
Its sad to say that I have used The Lost Boys but hey, they are the___ ________.
The Impact of Integration On The Lost Boys of Sudan
The Boys were integrated into America, meaning that they adopted some of the american culture and imbedded it into their own culture. In this instance, the effects of this particular topic were good to the group being affected.
They were given opportunities to start a new life without any worry of war or persecution from their home land.
Affirmation of Identity
Affirmation of identity is like wearing your favorite teams hat everywhere. Or its like restating that you are a believer in god or you're atheist.
The Lost Boys
Even without knowing it, the lost boys affirmed their identity by going back to old habits
Homogenization is like Homogenized milk where everything is mixed together like cream and whole milk but, you cant tell the each thing individually, you can only tell the new mixture.
Presentation Brought To You By:
Turner Sharp
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