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No description

Kathryn Shapland

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Strategy

Alignment of individual and group objectives to achieve the long term strategic intention of the organisation.

360 Feedback
Development Plan
Reward Good
Poor Performance
Current situation
Appropriate training and tools that give a clear and consistent approach which limits subjectivity.
Criteria used as a bench mark for IPA that allow continuous improvement of Performance Management Model
Hewitt Survey - Main Roads WA needed urgent improvements in Performance Management in particular the Management of Poor performance.
Studies indicate an efficient performance management process leads to higher retention, higher return of investment and greater employee engagement healthier culture and productivity.
EDS introduced 2012 - Online Individual Performance Agreement (IPA)
No measures of quality of IPA
Limited by knowledge of system
System not being used to its full potential.
Strengthening its vertical integration, to reduce duplication of objectives across organisation.
Writing Objectives -
Performance measure -
Identify strengths and weaknesses
Select core competencies for improvement
Uses 70,20,10 principle to establish how you will develop your identified competencies.
Poor Performance Management Guidelines
Succession Planning
Tools and guidelines either do not exist or are not readily available and in support of IPA system
Transfer information from other systems onto EDS to avoid duplications (for example learning & development)
Holistic management process that amalgamates individual, group and organisational performance into achieving short and long term organisational objectives.
Performance Management
How does the strategy vertically cascade into my objectives?

Do I understand the performance management process?

Conversation with Manager
Importance of a clear, concise Objective
Different methodologies
SMART principle
VQTQ principle
How will we measure the objective has been achieved?
Benchmark / KPI
Core Competencies
People, Practice, Performance, Technical
Enabler : Capabilities and tools to ensure IPA is completed to a high standard.
Implementation of Training
Based on a Training Needs Analysis
Review / Appraisal
To analyse effectiveness of IPA need to develop criteria.

Individual Performance Agreement
Scope: The scope of the project is to review the Main Roads 2013 Individual Performance Agreements (IPA) to measure the effectiveness of the IPA system and the quality of the within the Performance Management Model.

Phase One
Phase Two
Research, Feedback, discussion with stakeholders
Determine important factors that need to be anaylsed to determine areas of improvement within the Performance Managament Model.
1. Strategic Alignment
2. Cascading objectives
3. Measureable objectives
As process improves and evolves other elements of Performance Review Model will also require benchmark criteria
Report against criteria using quality data
Quality Check on IPA Process
Review of IPA Process
Group Performance:
Branch Objectives
Organisation Performance : Corporate Business Plan
1.Does the objective align with the correct core area of focus?

2. Does the objective apply SMART Methodology?

3. Is there a performance measure?
/ Using SMART principle
Have the objectives and KPI's beach achieved and to what level?

Documents supporting KPI's can be saved in the EDS system
Early talent identification
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