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Why I want a laptop.

No description

Kaya Vrignaud

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Why I want a laptop.

Why I want a laptop
2. It would help me entertain myself and my friends.
3. It would help me with my future online business.
4. The laptop would help me in school.
5. It would help me with traveling.
1. It would help me with homework.
It would help me with HW because..
It would help me with homework because
1. Portable, I can work in my room, downstairs, in study groups at others' houses.
2. I could work in my room which allows less noise and more concentration.
It would help entertain friends and I Because
1. I could watch movies or play games in my room on my bed or downstairs in the couch or anywhere.
2. It would entertain my friends when they come over because if we watch a movie or put on music or play a game we can do it in my room.
It would help me with my online store because
1. I can work (quietly) in my room.
2. I can bring my laptop to my co-workers' houses.
3.I can work downstairs with dad.
4. I can transport my laptop around to help with ordering T-shirts and
making designs.
5. I can easily have FaceTime conversations with co-wrokers on ideas to brainstorm the future of the business.
A laptop would help me in school because..
1. On technology days, I am permitted to bring my laptop to work on that.
2. When presenting a project to the class, (option of PowerPoint presentation) Having a laptop would make presenting the project to the class easier by having a transportable computer
It would help me with traveling because...
1. I could bring my laptop on the plain and that could entertain me.
2. I would be able to keep up with homework, school projects, and communication.
3. I would be able to download a ton of photos onto the computer while we are on the trip
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