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Book Project Gone

A project for the book Gone

Luis Vera

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Book Project Gone

GONE The adults disapear and chaos roams the FAYZ.
Kids beging to develop powers and sides are chosen.
The ultimate battle for good and evil begins. Characters Sam: A boy with powers. He is very shy,
but when it comes down to
it all he is a fearless leader. (4 bars) Astrid: A very smart and witty girl.
She uses her brain to get out of trouble.
Astrid loves books and most of all her little brother.
(2 bars) Setting: Perdido Beach Problem: Kids are mutating and
obtaining unusual powers. Caine tries
to take over the FAYZ to control and dictate
the other kids. A battle will begin not only
against themselves, but time. Caine: A hard headed coates kid. Caine is the center of the evil and very power hungry. Don't backtalk him because he will crush you.
(4 bars) What would you do if all
of a sudden anyone who is
15 years or older disapeared? The FAYZ is what the kids call a huge wall that has blocked Perdido beach form the outside world Powers The powers that the kids obtain differ.
There is a system that measures how
much power each kid has.
One bar means its weak and
four was the highest anyone could get. The kids will
get to pick which side they will fight for.
(The FAYZ) Both Sam and Caine will turn 15 at the same time. Caine's main concern is to find a way not to disapear. While Sam wants to protect and be the typical hero of the story. Who will win...
Good or Evil?
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