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Study Skills. . .

No description

Sonya Tucker

on 18 October 2016

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Transcript of Study Skills. . .

Many Different Paths to Success. . . .
Keep the end goal in mind. . .
all require some of the same skills
are those skills?
Study and complete assignments
Have necessary supplies
Advice from current MHS students. . .
Turn in assignments by deadline

Positive Attitude
Be responsible for yourself
Be organized. . .
Ask ???
Be respectful to yourself, others' learning and property
Set goals!
Ask for help!
teachers, friends, parents,
Choose positive friends. . . .
What does that mean?
And from current 9th grade teachers at MHS:

1. Use your agenda
2. Do all homework as if it is being graded for accuracy.
3. Don't get behind. Ask for help. Don't procrastinate.
4. Make sure you understand the GPA thing. It's for real.
5. Learn to use "teacher-pleasing" behaviors in class.
6. KNOW how to use Edmodo and IC.
7. Bring your excuse notes!
8. Get involved but don't overextend yourself.
9. Be positive!
Which path will you choose?
GPA and Carnegie Units (Credits)

9th English A 93 A
Biology A 89 B
Math A 65 F
Health 98 A
Elective 81 B
Elective 79 C
9th English B 91 A
Biology B 90 A
Math B 75 C
PE 99 A
Elective 90 A
Elective 86 B
2.5 units/credits = 2.6 GPA

3 units/credits = 3.5 GPA
Need 5.5 to be promoted
Total GPA = 3.0
Miscellaneous Stuff. . . .

AP Classes
Dual Enrollment - Move on When Ready!
Hope Scholarship
Zell Miller Scholarship
Governor's Honors Program
National Merit Scholarship Program
Pathways - what are they??

Hope GPA = 2.8
Typical 9th Grade Schedule
: Foundations of Alg, Algebra I, Accel A1/G, or Acc G/A2
: Biology, regular or gifted
: 9th Lit/Comp regular or gifted
Health and Personal Fitness
- 1 sem each
SS - World Geography
AP Human Geography
CTE Classes
Fine Arts
Math Support
Read 180
World Language

4-H Club
Academic Bowl
Chess Club
French Club
German Club
Guitar Club
History Club
Inclusion Club
Interact Club
International Thespian
Key Club
Math Team (JV/V)

Mock Trial
Model UN
Multi-Cultural Club
National Honor Society
Paddling Club
Science Olympiad
Skills USA
Spanish Club
SPARK (SADD Chapter)
Student Government
Symphony Club
Tri-M Music Honor Society
Technology Student Association
Young Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians
From Warriors to Chiefs:
Class of 2021
Fine Arts Opportunities
50+ State Championship Teams
CTE Pathways

Animation & Digital Media
Architectural Drawing & Design
Food & Nutrition
Business and Technology
Graphic Design
Culinary Arts
Health Science
Engineering & Technology
Web & Digital Design

CTE Graphic Design
Fine Arts Pathways

Music – Band
Theater Arts
Music – Chorus
Visual Arts
Music - Orchestra

World Language Pathways

French Latin
German Spanish

Advanced Academic Pathways

English Language Arts
Social Studies
What does it stand for?

Earn high school and college credit at same time

McIntosh offers 22 AP classes
AP American Government and Politics
AP Art History
AP Biology
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
AP Computer Science
AP Environmental Science
AP European History
AP Human Geography
AP Language and Composition
AP Literature and Composition
AP Macroeconomics
AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2
AP Physics C
AP Psychology
AP Spanish
AP Statistics
AP Studio Art
AP United States History
AP World History
Besides providing possible college credit, what are other benefits of taking AP classes?
AP Classes

Move On When Ready!!

Allows a student to earn high school and college credit at the same time

Each MOWR (3 hours or more) equals a full unit of credit for high school



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