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Urban Gardening

Green Cities Final Project

Christian Turner

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening An Equity Study of 9 Community Gardens in 4 US cities Gardens offer a 'thrid space' for residents in the neighborhood.

Community Events:
Annual Harvest Festivals
Movie Nights
Pig Roasts

Some gardens are intentionally designed with seating and a place for meeting in the middle Cultural recognition/
legitimization Educational Programs volunteers Community Involvement Fees Inequitable Strategies in Community Gardening Community Food Security Seattle Los Angeles Detroit Portland Citizen empowerment and
participation in local government Eastminster Community Garden in Portland:

No trees or fences.
No chemicals are allowed.
Can only enter during designated gardening hours.
Parking is regulated.
The garden and shed should remain locked.
You will be charged for excessive watering.
You can not transfer your plot.
If rules are broken, you may be asked to leave your plot. Excessive
Regulation Successful gardens shared similar qualities:

Public support in the planning and design process

Large volunteer base to create the garden

Programming and associated resources to sustain them

Ongoing outreach and engagement Concluding Thoughts/
Take-Aways Inclusiveness Excessive Regulation Exclusiveness managers gardeners Built on
water treatment plant that had been neglected
capped land fill
vacant lots

Gardens mitigate stormwater runoff
organic matter as ground cover and creating permeable surfaces.

Emerson, Portland: To provide water for their plants, they collect water from rain barrels Emerson Garden, Portland D-Town Farm Annual Harvest Festival Community Celebration, Detroit Annual Pig Roast, Danny Woo, Seattle Alhambra Community Garden, LA Danny Woo, Seattle Youth Programs
Projects with local Universities
Workshops for neighbors
Detroit EAT Program Fees can prevent community members of lower income levels from being able to participate.

Winston Smoyer Memorial Community Garden, Los Angeles: This garden charges between $9 and $77, depending on the size of the plot.

Fulton Community Garden, Portland: This garden charges $10 - $85, but they offer scholarships for those not able to pay. Fees Exclusiveness Low visibility, Danny Woo, Seattle Students in Earthworks Agricultural Training (EAT) Program, Detroit Marra Farm, Seattle Interbay P-Patch, Seattle Danny Woo Community
Garden, Seattle Malik Yakini of the Detroit Black Food Security Network Winston Smoyer Memorial Community Garden, LA Earthworks Farm, Detroit universities local organizations Provided contributions to food programs Exemplary Case:
Interbay P-Patch, Seattle Exemplary Case: Earthworks, Detroit Alleviated pressures of food deserts The cases studied: Earthworks, Detroit Marra Farm Giving Garden, Seattle Noteworthy: Marra Farm, Seattle Noteworthy: D-Town Farm, Detroit Who is involved? What are the outcomes of involvement? Interbay P-Patch, Seattle Marra Farm, Seattle Improve physical environment of neighborhood Sources http://www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/ppatch/locations/11.htm
Hou, Jeffery. Insurgent Public Space: Guerrilla Urbanism and the Remaking of Contemporary Cities
Hou, J., et al. (2009) Greening Cities Growing Communities: Learning from Seattle’s Urban Community Gardens.
Some exclusive policies include:
Designated plot spaces
Waiting lists
Keeping out the homeless
Low visibility, creating an unwelcoming atmosphere
Not open to guests
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