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The Case of Tommie Lee Andrews

No description

Carlee Chew

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of The Case of Tommie Lee Andrews

Innocent Till the End? The Case of Tommie Lee Andrews Nancy Hodges
27 Years old Victim Suspect Tommie Lee Andrews
24 Years old WHO? WHEN? 1986-1987 Where? Orlando Florida summary of
Events May 9, 1986. 27 year old Nancy Hodges, one of the many victims of the serial rapist; came out of her apartment bathroom to find a stranger in her room. Before forcing Nancy to the ground by knife point, she caught a quick glimpse of her attackers face. Nancy was raped three times and before her attacker fled, he stole her purse. February 22, 1987. An unnamed 27 year old woman was beaten, slashed and raped. Held in her cries to keep her two children sleeping in the next room safe. This time the rapist slipped up. Police later found two fingerprints on the woman's window screen. March 1, 1987. A woman called the police to report a prowler. Patrol cars got there just in time to see a blue 1979 Ford racing away. Police chased the car for two miles until the Ford spun out of control and crashed. The driver was 24 year old Tommie Lee Andrews. Fingerprints matched those found on the window screen. He was charged with raping the young mother. Police wanted to further to try and prove he was the man who raped about 23 women in two years. At the police line up, Nancy unhesitatingly identified Andrews as the man who raped her. Nancy was the only rape victim to see the attacker and only for a few seconds. Eyewitness testimony is notoriously fallible. Not even the fact that Andrews's blood group matched semen samples taken from from the victims were considered significant . DNA fingerprinting was just starting to be tested in America. Police acquired a blood and semen sample from Andrews and the bar codes from both sources were identical. On February 5, 1988, the jury found Andrews guilty as a convicted serial rapist. His jail terms are 115 years. Throughout the whole trial, Tommie Lee Andrews Never admitted to any of the crimes he was charged with. The search for a serial rapist who struck 23 times. Why This Case is Significant This case is significant because this case ended with the first American trial to admit DNA typing into evidence. The Key Players
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