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Adam and Caden

No description

lib hist

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of Adam and Caden

In February of 1861, after Georgia was founded they separated from the Union and joined The Confederate States of America. They contributed nearly one hundred thousand soldiers to the war effort.The first major battle in the state was the Battle of Chickamauga, a Confederate victory, and the last major Confederate victory in the west. Afterward, In 1864, William T. Sherman's armies invaded Georgia followed up by Sherman's March To The Sea which economically devastated the Confederacy and Georgia. After the war, Georgia under went reconstruction and economic hardship but it soon rose back to its former glory and was the base for African-American leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

Georgia currently has a population of 3,932,235. During the colonial times it mostly consisted of northern Europeans, Caribbean natives, Africans and some Native Americans.

Life in Georgia
Cash Crops
Slave Life
More Sources
Information Sources
Georgia was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe. The new colony was to be located between South Carolina and Florida. It served as a border or shield for South Carolina and the other southern colonies. It was originally a land for prisoners who were overcrowded in British Prisons. The inhabitants were charged with creating a number of forts along the border to help protect against invasion. They were able to repel the Spanish from these positions a number of times.
Adam Lin and Caden Nix
Colonial Georgia
Battle of Chickamauga
The economy of Georgia mainly consisted of farming cash crops and owning slaves workers. Georgia began with the intention to have little landholding and no slavery. However, when it became a royal colony in 1752, the ban on slavery was lifted. Plantations and slavery became a major part of the Georgian economy. Cotton picking did not come until later when the cotton gin was invented in 1793. Georgia also traded and exported all of the things they grew. Most of their money came from cash crops like indigo, rice, and sugar.
The main church in colonial Georgia was the Anglican Church. It was the most influential and largest congregation of Christian but it wasn't the official religion of the state.Many different religions practiced in colonial Georgia. The only religion that was not welcomed was Catholicism. It was banned in Georgia until 1777, but people still practiced in separate communities.
Come on down to Georgia where you'll find great opportunities and riches! Here in Georgia you'll find a great amount of fertile land to grow cash crops and get rich, oh and don't worry about religious oppression because here in Georgia you get to worship any god you desire. Forget about expensive land as well because in these wild lands there aren't any aristocrats charging you for ridiculous amounts of money. So come and cultivate this wonderful new land with us and share your riches!
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