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Metro Psych Facility

No description

Bianca Amigo

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Metro Psych Facility

About Metro Psych Facility
Psychiatric Care & Rehabilitation Center
Delivering the best care possible through well trained clinical and non-clinical staff.
encourages self-awareness that takes into consideration the individual’s specific needs
Established in May 1999
Owned by Metro Psychiatry Incorporated.
Most of the members of the Board of Directors worked and some are still connected with the National Center for Mental Health in Mandaluyong.
The physical set up of the facility was designed attractively and spaciously so that patients will not feel that they are being punished and imprisoned.
Patients to be treated properly and view their admission at the facility as a positive experience where they can feel relief of their symptoms.
A facility that provides activities to slowly integrate them back to their family and society in general.
RBR was established in 2000.
A review of 270 admissions from May 1999 to December 2000, 78 (29%) had concomitant drug and/or alcohol abuse problems.
Many of them have been discharged improved of psychiatric symptoms but without the benefit of intervention for their drug and alcohol problems.
VIsion and mission
1. Services that fully understand and adequately respond to the biopsychosocial needs of the clients, family, and community.

2. Training activities and programs for health workers, clients, family and community.

3. An environment conducive to relevant research activities and mental health advocacy

Philosophy & treatment approach
Integration of behavioral and cognitive approaches
Creative and Experiential seminars
12-step meetings
Family system approaches
" Together, we will work to regain your physical and mental well being. We will work on your FREEDOM-from the bondage of addiction, guilt, fear, shame, depression, anxiety and social isolation. Freedom to explore and rediscover the world, free to be happy and to fulfill your potential. "
Services offered
Metro Psych Facility:
Services Offered
Roads and Bridges To Recovery Services:
Visitation Area
Lobby / Receiving Area
MPF Reception Area
Common Room / Private Room
Kitchen & Dining Area
Activity Area, Gymnasium, Fitness Center
Swimming Pool
Metro Psych Facility
MayBunga, Pasig City
Roads and bridges to recovery
At certain points throughout your stay, you will be given the opportunity to...
consult with your personal psychiatrist, case manager, and other members of the treatment team who will provide important input and feedback.
1. In patient and out patient evaluation and management
2. 24 hours staffing provides individual and group supportive counseling, medication management and personal care assistance
3. psychiatric consultation and treatment
4. day care and night care services
5. case evaluation and management
6. discharge planning and coordination
7. family consultation and support
8. neuropsychiatric evaluation and psychological testing
9. drug detoxification and qualitative drug testing
10. stress management

1. Drug testing
2. Drug Detoxification
3. In-Patient Drug Rehabilitation
4. Behavioral Modification Programs for the Disobedient Adolescents
5. Family Therapy
6. After-Care Service
Graduated in April 1999 - Occupational Therapist
Started working in May 1999 in MetroPsych
First Job
"Be the number one facility..."
Most Challenging: "Mag-train ng tao...", "Pag-institutionalize ng tao..."
Sir Gian Tareno
Head Nurse
Length of Stay: Since 1999
Diagnosis: Chronic
Length of Stay: 8 months
Diagnosis: Depression and acute psychosis
"Enjoyin mo lang... Walang Forever."
"Hindi sa lahat ng oras tama ka..."
"May Golden Rule kami dito, 'How you do anything is how you do everything."
Graduate in 2010 - CEU Nursing
Started working in MetroPsych as a Nurse in May 2011
Became a Senior Nurse in December 2012
Head Nurse last October 2014
Best Practices: "Communication with the Patient"
Most Challenging: "Pick-Up"
"Kung ano yung maicocontribute ko para sa mga mas nakababata sa akin na magiging practitioner din dito, syempre ibibigay ko na... itotodo ko na para matuto sila..."
"Di ka mentally stressed, pero physically stressed..."
"Passion talaga ang pinakaimportante sa lahat..."
"To see their patients happy and successful in life after the treatment makes them more passionate about what their doing" #MetroPsych
"The psychiatric home never wasted the time and life of their patients" #MetroPsych
"Patience + a GENUINE heart to serve and help people = 😀" #MetroPsych
"Passion is the key and love is all you need " #MetroPsych
"being number one doesn't stop them to strive and achieve more not only for their patients but also for themselves" #MetroPsych
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