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No description

Chris St. John

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of DZInc.

About Us
Kansas City, MO
San Francisco
New York
Solutions and Services
Project management
Network Design and Support
Server hosting
Back up Services/off-site storage
Security Analysis
End User Training and Support
IP Scheme
IP Scheme for DZInc
Hosts/Net: 254 usable
Networks: 256 Networks
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
sends Ip information to clients
Dynamically assigns IP Addressess, Defalt Gateway, and DNS server address
: Client Broadcast to find DHCP.

: DHCP sends uni-cast offering of a IP address.

: Client broadcast to all servers about offer accepted.

: DHCP sends final uni-cast to client with IP information
DHCP Relay agent
RRAS: Component is a Bootstrap Protocol(BootP)rely agent.
Relays DHCP messages between Clients and servers on different networks
Server: 172.16.x.1 - 172.16.x.10
File Server: 172.16.x.11 - 172.16.x.20
Printers: 172.16.x.21 - 172.16.x.30
VPN: 172.16.x.230 - 172.16.x.249
Router: 172.16.x.250 - 172.16.x.254
Founded in 2005
Mission Statement: To provide our customers with the most innovative and efficient IT solutions possible while maintaining the highest levels of customer service in the Industry.
Name Resolution
Domain Name System
Resolves host names to IP Addresses
installed with Active Directory by DCPROMO
We use ADI (Active Directory-Integrated) zones
Windows Internet Name Service
Resolves NetBIOS to IP Addresses
Used now mostly for legacy systems
Not Currently implemented in our environment
Routing and Remote Access
Routing And Remote Access
Allows servers to act as routers
Site location RRAS configured for LAN (Local Area Network) routing
Routing Information Protocol
Allows communication between LANs in same physical location
Network Addess Translation
Converts public IPs to Private.
Allows internet access to other computers on the network
Virtual Private Network
Used for Remote Access
We will use Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
Remote Desktop
Allows user to control a computer on the network
Default Port is 3389
Setup through GPO
Our Crew
Jonathan Boster
Chris St.John
David Raydo
James Watling
Nate Linville
Mickell Paris
Michael Dempsey
Andrew Morgan
KC: 172.16.10.X
MIA: 172.16.50.x
SF: 172.16.100.x
NY: 172.16.150.x
Server Options
003 - Router
006 - DNS
Active Directory
(Group Policy Management Editor)
Password Policy
Account lockout
No run command/CMD/Regedit
No read to removeable disk
Fault Tolerance
DCPROMO ran on both domain controllers.
Parent-Child Domain
Parent-Child two way transitive trust
OU Structure
Shadow Copy
Snapshot of files
Split Scope
60 / 40 Split
.31 - .149
.150 - .229
2nd DHCP 5ms Delay
Active Directory Integrated DNS
Allows remote access to network resorces
Configure IPV4 remote access
Set RAS policy through NPS
Setup static IP range
Zone Data is stored in Active Directory
Zone Date is replicated as part of Domain Replication
Home Folders
User data stored on file server
Maximum amount of storage
Back up
Windows Server Backup
Weekly Full
Daily incremental
Group Policy
rules for controlling users and machines
control large groups of users
Enforce security settings
FireWall Cont.
L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol)
Connection with IPSec (Internet Security Protocol)
Thank You
Brian Griffiths
Kasama Kasemvudhi
Brian Harsh
Robert Ritter
Nicole Trendel
Tina Pugh
Irene Heckert
Andrea Pederson
Hai Hilvitz
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