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Hurricane Sandy

A recent hurricane has ravaged the northeast united states

Peter Caroline

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Long Island, New York just one of the places that were devastated by the horrible natural disaster known as Hurricane Sandy So far, seventy-four people have died, and 8 million people are without power The storm had 85mph winds and was a category 1, not very dangerous. However, it still can heavily impact the lives of thousands. If it hits heavily populated areas, with high levels of urban development, it can injure or kill people. Hurricanes form when areas of low pressure are subducted by areas of high pressure. The areas of high pressure form in the ocean. The cold air forms clouds which indicate a tropical storm, thus creating a hurricane By:Peter Caroline winds in areas of low pressure descend, forming the eye of a hurricane areas of high pressure begin to swirl around, forming strong wind currents In conclusion, hurricanes are a powerful force of nature and should be taken seriously. There have been many historical hurricanes that have devasted large areas.
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