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Age VS Numbers of Words you know

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jessica Teixeira

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Age VS Numbers of Words you know

For our project we tested Age Vs. Number of Vocabulary words you are supposed to know.
The number of words depends on how old you are.
Ultimately we want to find out; Does your age affects the number of vocabulary words you know?
As a group we decided to study this relationship because we found it interesting, we were surprised when we found out that when your two you know 250 words! This is important to know as a community because we can set a line/ standard. We should all know the amount of vocabulary words the average person should know, with the help of this, we, the community, will be able to know if a child or adult is above or below average.
Our hypothesis is as your get older the number of vocabulary words you know will increase. We believe this relationship will have a positive correlation, we also believe that our correlation will be fairly strong.
By: Jessica Teixeira, Leah Pearson, Ariana Angulo
Age affecting Number of Vocabulary words you know

Equation: y=1474.22x-1823.82
= -1823.82
When you are "0" years old you will know -1823.82

= 1.24
This means when you are 1 year old you know 0 words.
m= 1474.22
Age (years)

Every time your age increases by a year, the vocabulary spand (# of words you know) increases by 1474.22
Number of Vocab Words
Age vs # of Vocab Words
r= .718
Number of Vocabulary words known
figure 1
figure 2

We, as a group, got all our data from researching online from statistics We decided to collect enough evidence to prove our hypothesis, the older you are, the more vocabulary words you will know. Therefore, we decided to have 20 data points, from Pre-Kindergarden up to your sophomore year in college. Once we had collected our data we used a calculator to analyze it. With it, we were able to know if our data had a good, strong correlation.
Our correlation coefficient is .718. It is more than .3 and close to 1. Therefore, it would be considered to be a strong correlation. Since the slope is positive we can tell that it also is a positive correlation.
We can be very confident using our trend line to make predictions and draw conclusions because we had a strong correlation and we had evidence to prove it. Does your age affects the number of vocabulary words you know? Yes. Although this might seem like an easy question. It is very hard to answer unless you have proof. Thanks to statistics we know when the average person gets older they WILL know more vocabulary words.
There are many ways people can use this results for, one of them is with teachers. Teachers will be able to know how many vocabulary words a student should know throughout the school year. Doctors will also be able to know if a child is below or above average, they could then test the child for a learning disorder like ADHD, or dyslexia.The data shows a standard of the amount of words we should know by a certain age. This data can show if you are above or below average with the amount of words you know by a certain age.
There is a correlation between our two variables and there is causation as well, these two variables directly effect one another. The older you get the more words you hear and the more you will repeat. You are also taught more words in school.

Work Cited

Extrapolation and Interpolation
Using Extrapolation you can estimate how many words an 87 year old person would know.

y= 1474.22(87)-1823.82

Using interpolation you can find out how many words someone will know, this type of data will be shown on the graph. Figure 2.


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This does not make sense in this problem because you can not know a negative amount of words.
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