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Swindle Book Report

No description

Zain Abideen

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Swindle Book Report

Swindle A Book Report By: Zain Abideen Summary Characters Protagonists Setting Antagonist Climax Resolutions Griffin
main character; the "Man with a Plan"
Ben Slovak
Griffin's best friend, has narcolepsy, sneaks into Palomino's Emporium in a box, helps and participates in all the plans
Savannah Drysdale
the dog calmer, loves animals, calms Luthor and prevents dog fight
hides out in ball room, learns of plans for heist, manipulates his way in and trys to steal the card at the end
Antonia Pitch Benson
rock climber and helper to get team on roof and through skylight
Tom Dufferin
Palomino's assistant
S. Wendell Palomino
chubby, mean-spirited owner of the Emporium who cheats Griffin out of his Babe Ruth card
Eli Mulroney
nosey neighbor to Palomino
Melissa Dukakis
computer whiz who breaks into Palomino's email and disables alarm system
Logan Kellerman
actor who distracts nosey neighbor
Mr. and Mrs. Bing
have money problems; invented Smart Pick Ben and Griffen are the Protagonists in this story because they are just two kids who want their card back. They are upset and mad at Mr. Palomino for being ripped off. They just want some respect from adults and the rights to protest. They want to be treated fairly. Other Protagonists in this story include Logan Kellerman, Savannah Drysdale, Antonia “Pitch” Benson, and Melissa Dukakis. These characters are considered to be protagonists because they help Griffin and Ben throughout the story, and they want Palomino to get what he deserves for ripping people off. The antagonists in this story are Darren Vader and Mr. Palomino. Mr. Palomino is an antagonist because he rips people off on collectibles. He ripped off Ben and Griffen on the Babe Ruth card. Darren is an antagonist because he is a school bully. At the beginning of this story he was the school bully until the kids let him join in by force on the heist. He then started acting as the good guy until they found the card. He asked if he could look at it, and immediately ran off with the card. He was just pretending to be nice all along. All he wanted was the Babe Ruth card. The main setting of swindle is Cedarville .irst setting of swindle takes place in a old rundown Rockford house. This is where Griffin and Ben hanged out over the night, and this is also where Griffin finds the Babe Ruth baseball card. The second setting takes place at Palomino’s collector store. This is the place where Ben and Griffen went to after they left the destruction sight. They went to Mr. Palomino and asked him about the card. Palomino tricked the two and told them that the card was a re-print from the 60's, and he buys it for $120. Once Griffin finds out that Palomino has tricked him he makes a plan with his friends to steal the card back. That is where the last setting takes place at Palomino's house. The group find the card in Palomino's house but get caught by setting off the alarm systems. The climax of this story occurred during the break-in, which took place at Swindle’s house. It occurred when Darren’s ladder fell off the tree smashing Palomino’s house windows, which set off “Swindle’s” high tech alarm system. Sirens from the house were going off. You could hear police sirens in the distance. The group of kids took off leaving Darren’s ladder and Pitch’s ropes hanging from the skylight. They were all running as fast as they could. The cops were right behind them. While running away Griffin hid the card in the old Rockford House’s mailbox, the same place where they had found it. The story swindle "Is an adventure story of a boy named Griffin Bing, or as his best friend, Ben Slovak calls him “the man with the plan.” Griffin and Ben have a sleepover at a old house that is scheduled to be demolished next morning. Griffin had invited his other friends to the house but they refuse not to come because they get scared. Ben falls asleep at the house because he as narcolepsy, Griffin decides to explore the house. In his search he finds a old Babe Ruth baseball card. The next morning the two barely escape the house that is being demolished unharmed. Griffin decides to sell the baseball card. Griffin, and Ben go to a collector's place called Palomino’s Emporium, where the collector, S. Wendell Palomino sells and buys collectible items. There, the boys get an offer for $120 for the card. After selling the card the two head home, Griffin see's on t.v. that the person they sold the card to is now selling the card for $1,000,000 Griffin gets really mad at this because his family is selling their house to move to a more affordable neighborhood, which would make Griffin leave his friend Ben behind. Griffin and Ben make a plan to break into the store of S. Wendell, and get the baseball card back. The store owner has a guard dog, a very high fence, and good alarm systems. Griffin and Ben find out ways to get through these obstacles; The dog calmed down by Savannah Drysdale, an animal whisperer. They break into the shop by putting Ben in a big box and putting a sticker on it that says, “Attn” S. Wendell Palomino–Personal and Confidential. Mr. Dufferin is S. Wendell's assistant carries the box inside, and Ben falls asleep for a couple of minutes. When the boys are securely inside the shop, they discover that the safe has disappeared. After the failure of the heist of the shop, they discover that Swindle might have removed the safe and left it at his house. The two boys make an ultimate plan that needs six 6th graders in his homeroom. The team agrees to do it, and the ultimate plan begins. Logan Kellerman, an actor-to-be, takes care of a very nosy neighbor of Swindle’s neighbor, Mr. Eli Mulroney. Antonia “Pitch” Benson is a climber, and they need her to climb up a bathroom skylight to break in. They need Savannah Drysdale to calm the dog down, and Melissa Dukakis takes care of the technology. But Darren Vader, a burly boy who annoys Ben and Griffin, eavesdrops and blackmails them to let him join (he threatened to tell Swindle if they didn't let him in on the heist). On the heist night, many things occur. Pitch sprains her ankle, Ben falls asleep in a bush, and Darren tries to take the card for himself. There is not only one guard dog, but two. They found the safe, but the card wasn’t in there, so they had to search for it until the team found it in the breast of an oversized Thanksgiving Day turkey. Despite all the good plans, they still get caught, since they left some evidence, such as the climbing harnesess. Pitch’s family are the only ones who climb in Cedarville, so it was obvious. Later, Griffin gets the card by mail, and he is immediately arrested by Detective Sergeant Vizzini. However, everything turns right because Swindle doesn’t want to press charges (in order to avoid an investigation so he wouldn't risk getting in trouble when he cheated Griffin). The owner of the old house gets the card and she gives it to her youngest relative Darren Vader. Darren's parents make him donate the money ($974,000). They gave the card to Cedarville Museum, so now no one gets anything. Griffin's dad an inventor, gets a lot of money for invention the SmartPick. The story ends with Griffin's family being rich and not having to move, and everything is alright. Target Audience
One resolution was when Savannah Drysdale calmed Luthor down and gave a piece of meat to the other dog. Another conflict was solved when Melissa Dukakis deactivated the alarm system rigged to the door. The last conflict was solved when Ben and Griffen both came together and agreed that they could accomplish this card heist. The police helped get the card to it's rightful owner. In the end of this story all of the conflicts were solved and no one goes to prison. Theme Do not trust anyone that you don’t know.

The theme of the book is do not trust anyone that you don’t know, always think of consequence of what you are going to do. In this book, Griffin fortunately found a way to solve his family’s financial problem. He found a baseball card of Babe Ruth. He put the baseball card on the auction to solve the financial problem but someone he did not know cheated him. The solution had gone and he had to take risk to take it back. His careless mind on his treasure drove him to the risky adventure, which involves breaking and violence.

The target audience for this book are young teens ages of 12-14 If you like break-ins then this book is for you! I would give this book 5 stars out of 5 because it always kept me guessing. This book had a lot of metaphors and similes. An example for that in the book is the door was as hard to open as a dog off a leash in a full sprint. Overall this book is very good.
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