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Rhonda Birnie

on 9 July 2015

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Transcript of Workshops

Math Studios
Workshops/Staff Development
Rhonda Birnie
Teaching Mathematical Thinking
The TMT classes are the same as the MTI courses in terms of State Requirement. TMT courses are taught by ISU and U of I. Look on the ISU website for course offerings.
We offer several different workshops each year. You can get credit at most workshops.
Tasks/Problem Solving

Fraction Bars
Pattern Blocks
Unifix Cubes
Place Value Blocks

Standards Pacing/Planning
After school or during collaborations/inservice time
Idaho State University
Region Four
Classes and Professional Development
2-3 Day workshops to plan and pace out the Common Core Math Standards
Look at how standards progress across the year, and then work through how that will pace out through quarters/trimesters.
Workshops and Staff
Topics dependent on staff needs/desires
· No extra work for teachers

· Allows teachers to observe engaging lessons with their students in their room.

· Video discussions bring the whole team together and allows for all teachers to see the lesson.

· Activities will develop the strand throughout the year and will allow teachers to see that progression.

· Teachers will have access to the Math Studio activities to use themselves in the future.

Classes/Professional Development
Whole staff or grade level groups

Using tasks
Mathematical persistence
8 Mathematical Practices
Mathematical discourse/discussion
Developing a meaningful math block
Math Workshop

Some Workshop Ideas:
Math Studios
Choose strands in each grade band to focus on throughout the year in Math Lab. For example, Kindergarten might be Counting and Cardinality(CC), Grades 1-2 might be Operations & Algebraic Thinking (OA) and Grades 3-6 might be Numbers & Fractions- (NF).
I will bring in a Math Studio activity (task, hands-on, etc.) that will focus on the strand chosen for that grade level. I will teach the lesson to the students and videotape myself during the demonstration lesson. The teacher and I will debrief at the end of Math Studio.
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