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GED Science 1

Intro and Science GED basics

Suhail Rahmetulla

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of GED Science 1

My name is Suhail Rahmetulla
we will MASTER the
Life Science 45%
Physics and Chemistry 35%
Earth and Space 20%
Question Types:
A comprehension question asks you to find a particular piece of information from the passage itself and then recognize that piece of information, sligtly restated, among the answer choices. Comprehension questions may ask you to go just a bit further to identify a logical implication of that information.
To answer an application question, you must first understand the information and ideas described in the above passage and then apply that information to a different situation.
Analysis questions ask you to break down information from the passage into more specific categories and then explore the relationship of those categories.
To answer an evaluation question, you must make a judgement or prediction about the information provided in the passage, sometimes by applying some knowledge or information that you bring to the tesrt.
Visual text
(graphs, tables, charts, diagrams)
Reading Passages
Be courteous to each other and the instructor.
Raise your hand, don't shout answers, everybody should have a chance to understand the question and come up with a response.
Refrain from using your cellphone in class.
Try to use English to improve your comprehension skills.
Class Expectations:
Have fun and learn!
and together
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