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IR Book: House Of Dark Shadows

No description

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of IR Book: House Of Dark Shadows

IR Book: House Of Dark Shadows
One of the themes of the book, House Of Dark Shadows is, that you should always listen. To your parents, your friends, everyone. Xander gets trapped in a room so his brother has to get their dad. His dad tells them to not go near those rooms again. David goes to the rooms again and gets trapped. Bad things happened, because he didn't listen.
Where: The story takes place in Pinedale, California. In an old, abandoned house in the woods.
When: The story takes place in the past. In the book, It's summertime. You also know that it's almost September, because it's almost the first day of school.
Rising Action...
Characters: Xander is the main character. He has brown hair and blue eyes. Xander is a good brother, He's very kind and comforting towards his siblings. Not only that, but he's also a great son. He's very good about helping his parents.
Main Conflict: The King family moves into an old house in the woods. The children are scared, because the house is dark and creepy. Also, because they find huge footprints in the house from someone watching them and shadows. They also find secret doors and rooms behind wall panels.
In the book House of Dark Shadows, the climax of the story occurs when Xander disappears into a secret room. While Xander is in the room, it turns into an old building. In the building, the floor is covered in bodies and severed limbs. On the opposite side of the room, there was a large man who seemed to be furious. He was coming for Xander. The man almost "got him" a few times. They were very close calls. Just as Xander says his final wishes and is about to give up, the wooden doors behind him open up and someone pulled Xander out of the room. We later find out that this person who saved his life was his own father.
1. The King family found an old house in the woods. They loved it.
2. The oldest son Xander had a bad feeling about the house in the pit of his stomach. He did not love it.
3. They ended up purchasing the house. They have to thoroughly clean the house before they can bring anything in and definitely before they move in. While cleaning, They discover someones footprints on the ground, angled to be watching them. The footprints were freshly made.
4. That didn't bother them very much. So, they call the movers to get all their stuff from their old house. Their items arrived a few days later. That night they started setting up their new house.
5. The children see shadows around the house. They decide to start exploring.
6. They look all around their house. They expected to find someone lurking, but they didn't. They just found rats, mice, spider webs, spiders and anything else you would find in an abandoned house.
In my book, an instance where foreshadowing is used is when Xander has a weird feeling about the house his family is looking at and he felt like someone was watching them. Later in the book when the family purchases the house, strange things happen. Such as hidden doors behind wall panels get discovered, they hear noises, see shadows, a man appears in the little girls doorway, and the footprints that they find.
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