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Clare Powaser

on 9 April 2014

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Long Term and Short Term Effects
Meth Homes
What is Methamphetamine
Methamphetamine, or Meth for short
White crystalline drug
Meth is taken by snorting, smoking or an injection with a needle.
Common Nicknames
$20 for 1/4 gram
$40 1/2 gram
$80 1 gram
-Addicts usually spend $150 to $200 a day to feed their addiction.
Meth Addiction
Meth and its chemical cousin, amphetamine, are very similar but meth's long term affects are more dangerous.
Meth was more potent than amphetamine and it was easier to produce.
In 1919, Japan created the meth.
Meth was first known around the US in 1919.
By 1971, congress passed a law saying meth and Amphetamine were prescription drugs.
Long Term Effects
increased wakefulness
increased physical activity
Decreased appetite.
Increased respiration.
Increased heart rate and blood pressure.
Irregular heart beat.
Cardiovascular collapse.
Short Term Effects
Violent behavior.
Psychotic behavior.
Auditory hallucinations.
Mood disturbances.
Delusions and paranoia.
Homicidal or suicidal thoughts.
Prolonged insomnia.

Scooby Snax
Cotton Candy
Recovery Stages of Meth
Stage one
Withdrawal usually lasts from 1 to 2 weeks but it can last up to 4 weeks. People during this stage eat sleep and drink while your body and brain are in healing overdrive. There is a lot of damage meth caused that needs to be repaired before one can move forward.
Stage Two
Stage Three
When using meth during pregnancy, babies can be smaller than normal, and have many defects.
Stage Four
Stage Five
The long-term use of methamphetamine can cause damage to the brain similar to that caused by Alzheimer's disease, stroke and epilepsy. This brain damage lingers for months even after the user stops methamphetamine use.
Methamphetamine abuse can produce extreme anorexia. Even over a short period of use, methamphetamine can cause drastic changes in the appearance of the user.

The honeymoon (16-54 days) Your body made the immediate needed repairs and you are feeling physically and emotional stronger. You might feel better than you have in years and you may become overconfident because of this. Just remember, don't become too overconfident. A lot of people will relapse in this stage because of their overconfidence.
All the positive momentum from the "Honeymoon" crashes. There is a wall of depression, boredom and despair. The "Wall" is often where most people relapse because they think that crystal meth is the only other solution.
Stay strong! It's not worth it!
Adjustment (4-6 months)
This stage is called "Adjustment" because this is where you adjust physically, socially and emotionally to life without crystal meth. You get a relief from the cravings and begin to enjoy life again.
Ongoing Recovery. Crystal meth addiction can seem distant and almost tangential to your new life. Despite how foreign your crystal meth dependence may seem, remember that your meth addiction is a "chronic disease" and you are never cured.
Meth Mouth
The drug causes the saliva glands to dry out, which allows the mouth's acids to eat away at the tooth enamel, causing cavities.

"Meth mouth" is characterized by broken discolored and rotting teeth.
During the "high" users usually experience cravings for sugary beverages, which is bad for the teeth. The "high" from this drug lasts about twelve hours, during which time users will probably not brush or floss, therefore leaving the sugary substances on their teeth for long periods of time.
When you use meth and are pregnant, you run the risk of premature delivery, small length, and brain and heart malfunctions. The child has been known to grow up with increased stress, behavioral problems, and attention disorder.
Meth Mites
Meth users feel like their are small bugs crawling under their skin. This is because Meth affects the nerve endings throughout the users body. This causes them to pick and scratch at their skin causing sores on their body.
How Do Teens Say No
say no thanks.
have a reason to leave the situation.
walk away.
change the subject.
use humor.
repeat refusal.
cold shoulder
S-tay Calm
P-roblem Define
A-ssess choices
C-hoose best alternative
E-valuate your decision
Use the SPACE acronym
What is meth made of?
Meth is a powerful addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system.
How to Spot a User
Why is This Topic so Important for Teens?
The knowledge of learning the drugs gives you power to say no and make positive decisions for yourself and for others that don't know as much about drugs. By not taking drugs, you are going to live a more productive, happy life with your family and friends.

Some Meth ingrediants are used in making explosives.
History Continued...
Meth was used for:

Decrease the need of alcohol
Help obestiry
Help common day ADHD
Fun Fact
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