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Marketing Plan

Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters - Colleges

Tim Jen

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Plan

Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters
College Marketing Strategy Fresh Ideas Coffee Roasting Market
Highly competitive
Gordon Foods contracts
Current Positioning
Customer service (client-oriented)
Local provider
Fresh, high-quality coffee
GFS, Ferris, Schuil, Paramount
Economic Factors
Recession, lower demand for high-quality coffee Analysis of Threats
and Opportunities (SWOT) Target Market
Coffee drinkers who enjoy coffee, not just caffeine
Very memorable
In Grand Rapids
Product Review
Employees are knowledgeable
Superb quality
Customization Marketing Strategy Target Market Location: within 58 miles
Demographic: students, staff, faculty, and guests of varying incomes, ages, and tastes
Segments of coffee consumption:
Dining services,
Coffee shops,
Academic and administrative department offices. Positioning Superior Quality Fair-Trade Coffee that contains 100% Arabica beans “To college students, faculty, and staff needing that extra pick-me up during the day, Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters is a personalized coffee roasting company offering high quality blends, fair-trade prices, and strong flavors at convenient locations such as your college coffee house and department offices.” Marketing Tactics Product Price Place Promotion Differentiation
Coffee service? Competitive pricing Time frame
Convenience Promotion #1:
Personal Sales Call Personal Sales Call
Pulling Tactics
Social media Contact promising clients (Contact information is located in Appendix 3 of the hard copy), samples, trial runs Promotion #3:
Social Media Current use of social media
Would manage all social networking publicity
Would devise social media campaigns
Potentially unpaid intern with small business interest
Expanding Social media platforms
LinkedIn Market Research Current Marketing Situation Objectives and Issues Two college coffee houses
Three department offices By December of 2013! Objectives Issues Companies with similar products
Lack of education about quality coffee
Current Coffee Stereotype Promotion #2:
Pulling Tactics Signage for coffee shops
Brochures for departments
Campus News Articles
T-shirts Budget Controls Social Media Intern Costs
Contacting Costs
Promotion Costs
Free Samples
Campus News
Articles/Advertisements Total Expense = $700 - $2000 Successful or Not? New Customers? Followers?
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