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No description

Michelle Ruru

on 9 January 2016

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Transcript of Science

Life Of A Particle
The adventure that you are about to embark upon is one you will never forget. You will be dissolved, transformed and taken to places you've never been before!
The life of being a gas isn't that bad. At least I get some more personal space between me and my friends. It's much warmer here so we like to move around a lot. You can't see us gases but there sure is a lot of us around. It's pretty boring because there aren't many of us around together and we are constantly being breathed in. Oh no, here comes a human! Woaaaaaah, and out we go. Hopefully I condense soon and become a liquid again, I want to see my friends!
Woah!!! It sure is getting cold out here. Oh my goodness I'm starting to crystalize. I remember Grandpa Parti told me about this. Its called sublimation!!!! When this happens, you turn straight from a gas to a solid. Oh my gosh, there are so many other particles here, and we are so close together!! Since its so cold, every one walks so slooooowly. We are close together, but there still is some space between us. Hey- look at the bright side, we get body heat!
Today I'm going to go outside to play with my friends. We like to play waterpolo it's so fun. Let's go.................. Golly it sure is warm outside today. Is it me or am I fading away.? Wait I'm evaporating because of the heat!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO......
The Adventures of Parti the Particle


Once upon a time there was a water particle, but this wasn't any ordinary water particle. This water particle could talk and move just like a human, in fact he had billions of friends and twins just like him. His name was Parti.
My name is Parti and I'm a water particle. Me, my family and my friends make up water. We are all identical, and love to move around and change forms. In a drop of water there are about 1,700,000,000,000,000,000,000 of us. We are really close and attracted to each other we are almost literally stuck to each other!
Great Grandpa Parti
Grandpa Parti
Great Grandma Parti
Grandma Parti
Baby Sister Parti
The Parti Family Tree
Baby Brother Parti
Great Uncle Parti
Great Aunt Parti
Uncle Parti
Aunt Parti
R.I.P. Absorbed into napkin
Mother Parti
Big Brother Parti
Big Sister Parti
Father Parti
Parti and his friends
Back For Dinner
Yay the sun came out! Hey, look we're starting to move. Woah we're melting, I'm finally starting to go back to my original form! Yes! I'm just in time for dinner. Mmmmm we're dissolving salt for dinner! My favourite! It's warm out too so I get energy to eat faster and my mom always gets pre-crushed salt for convenience.
You see here
The Story
It Begins!!!
Da Gas
How I Eat
The way particles eat is they attract the other charged particle. I am made up of a positive charge, hydrogen, and a negative charge, oxygen.. The salt has a positive charge in the sodium and a negative charge in the chlorine. My hydrogen attracts the sodium and my oxygen attracts the chlorine. My particles are stronger than the salt's so I seperate the salt and it disapears into my belly.
Pure Substances
and Mixtures
Time To Play
Now that I am full and a solution, I can go outside to play. Wait a minute, you don't know what a solution is. Well it's a mixture where the parts of it are so condensed it is impossible to tell whats in it by looking at it. The opposite is a mechanical mixture. It's easy to see whats in a mechanical mixture just by looking at it. These mixtures are both made by pure substances. Us water particles are 1 individual particle. A mixture is 2 different particles.

Finally, I can play with my friends. Talk to you later!
One Day Later
Goodmorning friend! It sure is hot today my mom said it's 45 degrees celcius today. No wonder I'm so jumpy. The heat gives me tons and tons of energy. The energy will help me get to my Uncle's in time for breakfast, we're having sugar. It's more likely I'll be saturated this time since my uncle gives large portions.

Saturation After Breakfast
Saturation is like being full it's the most solute (food) I can disssolve. I'm a solvent like a human and a solute is food. Anyway when I'm saturated I dissolvd or ate as much as I could. When I'm unsaturated I can still eat more so i'm still hungry. When I'm supersaturated I ate way way too much so I'm about to barf. Last night I was unsaturated but now I'm perfectly saturated. We went to a fancy restaurant where you get stirred too. I dissolved my food quicker and it helped me eat as much as I could to get saturated quicker. The same happens when I am warmer like today I'm so lucky.
Nothing really happened to me that included concentration but i'll explain it anyways. A concentrated solution is when a lot of solute is dissolved by a small amount of solvent. It's just like one person eating the same amount of food as 8 people could eat. Very little solvent (one human) and a lot of solute (tons of food). The opposite of a concentrated solution is a dilute soluton. A dilute solution has very little solute in an average amount of solvent. This is just like 1 human eating only a sandwich in a day. I usually hate being concentrated. It's worse than being supersaturated!
Uncle's House
My uncle's house is pretty boring ;) so i'll get back to you when I make it home tonight my mom has a surprise for me
Home for a Surprise
My mom's surprise was a vacation! the only condition was that I had to go through seperation because there won't be food on the way and I should concentrate my self now so I won't be hungry on the trip. There are different types of seperation but i'm going to use distillation. I can only do this in my house because i have to evaporate. When I evaporate the salt stays on the floor and i hit the cieling. After that my mom cools me off so i become liquid a gain and we throw away the salt. After that im hungry but it's worth the vacation.
packing my bags
hmmmmmmm..................... do i have everything? clothes, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste....... OH YEAH! I forgot my lucky marbles! *Parti searches his room for his lucky marbles*. Ahhh there they are! Oh no! They're mixed with my metal dice! wait i kow how to solve this problem!! I remember at school that my teacher ms Allencle (Particle ms Allen) taught us a method on seperating a mechanical mixture. Its called magnetism. Magnetism is when particles of a mechanical mixture are attracted to those of a magnet. All that i have to do is hover a magnet or a magnetically charged piece of metal over the mixture and kabooooom! the metal dice stick to the magnet! YES IM READY FOR HAWAIITICLE!! (Particles version of hawaii)

It was fun but I'm leaving to Hawaiiticle soon.
Were you dissolved, transfomed and taken to places you've never been to before?
Hope you were byeeeeeeeeeeee...... wait before you go............. look where I am!!!
woohooooooo this is awesome!!!!!!!!!! byeee!
The process!
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