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Social Injustice Argumentative Project

No description

Rebekka Burt

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Social Injustice Argumentative Project

Social Injustice Argumentative Project
Part 1 - Written Argument
Remember that you are formulating an argument. You are the voice for this problem.  

 Clarify the relevant values of the topic so that the audience can see the position of  the paper
Present facts that support the side of the argument that you plan to present and to persuade for or against (ethos, pathos, logos must all be used).
Sequence or prioritize the facts in a manner that builds the argument in the most influential way.  
Form and state conclusions: the conclusion should never be thought of as just a  summary of the paper. If you answer the question, “So why am I writing this paper  to the audience?” you can create a stronger conclusion that does what it intended to do, persuade.  

Picking Your Issue and Timeline
This project is completely based on you! It will only be as meaningful as you make it. Your topic must be a social injustice in some way. Time to make groups.....

You need to clarify to yourself why you are doing your topic. Think about these questions:
Why did you choose this issue?
What are you trying to get your audience to do or think?

Also think about what a solution to this problem might be? Is it realistic? What kind of campaign would have the most impact? How can you use ethos, pathos, and logos on your topic?
Part II- Service Project
You may choose to do your written portion in one of two ways: letter or article.

For a letter...
Write to someone in a high position (politician, CEO, leader) to can affect change for your topic. Convince them that your issue is something that they should help fight for or change.
For an article...
Write a newspaper or magazine article for an audience of your choice over the general idea of your topic and convince them that it is an issue that is important and needs to be changed.
Both writing pieces should be formatted in a multi-paragraph style and should look as if was published.
Get out your agendas!
Project Timeline

4/9- Choose topic and group members and tell me!
4/10- Research (Find 2 credible sources by end of class today.)
4/14-4/17-Work on drafting components/ Begin work
4/15- Persuasive Vocabulary Quiz
4/21-4/24-Revise write/create final drafts of projects
4/21-Sign up for presentation day
4/28-5/1- Project Presentations!
Resources available to you...
Constuction Paper
My iPad (first come, first serve)
Library Resources
Ms. Van Gilder
Anything else that you can think of that I can realistically help you with!
You are only limited by your own mind telling you that you can't!

In addition to your written argument, you will also create some way to actually do something about your issue!

This can take one of two forms:
Hypothetical or reality

Hypothetical- What is something that COULD be done?
Write an extensive action plan to solve the problem.
Reality*- Actually DO your project!
*ask me about possible time extensions if needed for this option!
Just so we are clear...
This portion of your project will not be weighted based on if you actually DO this section or not. However, extra effort will be recognized with bonus points. It is important to me that you have the
to believe that you can do something to make a difference in our world, because you can!
Resources to get you started:

In addition to your paper, you must also include a works cited section. The entire project, including the works cited, must properly use MLA citation.
Refer to MLA handout!
Part III- Advertising Campaign
For this part, you must create two different, professional-looking advertisements for your social campaign. These are to persuade people to DO something for your campaign. How this looks for your project can be very different from group to group.

Some example are: PSA's, Billboards, TV/Radio Commercial, Fundraiser, Social Media and many, many others... Be Creative!
Insert PSA Video Example
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