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Lake Victoria - 3

No description

Sabrina D

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Lake Victoria - 3

Human Impact on Lake Victoria OH DAMN! a presentation by Rita, Ronia and Sabrina What's Lake Victoria? What is Lake Victoria? How we destroy Lake Victoria Human Impact Global Warming Lake Victoria What makes it so important to humans, animals and plants? A Source of Life hundreds of species.

food for millions of residents. Wasting or Surviving? Usage of the Water Pollution Devastating Plague or Economic Miracle? Predator Nile Perch world's second largest freshwater lake.

water means life.

no water, no life. exessive nutritients that cause huge algae blooms!

too many algae - take away all the oxygen.

no light anymore. Eutrophication world's second largest lake
covers about 69,000 square kilometres (larger than Taiwan)
200 species of fish in there Intro to Lake Victoria some info to start off ... What is the Nile Perch? not native in Lake Victoria
up to 2m large!
occupies all habitats
with sufficient oxy-
gen concentrations
feeds on A LOT! TROUBLEMAKER!!! How does it come to Lake Victoria? of putting the nile perch into Lake Victoria Consequences Imagine... 20 years later... overfishing - no more fish. fish bring fishery.

fishery means jobs.

jobs mean money.

money means food.

food means life. no fish - no fishery.

no fishery - no jobs.

no jobs, no money.

no money, no food.

no food, no life. eutrophication. dirty water.
nothing to drink. OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! WHAT NOW?! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! OH DAMN! constant fishing can keep the nile perch
in moderation. but there's always
the risk of overfishing. however,
2 million white people eat Victoria Fish everyday.
there is a famine in Tazania. dropping water level.
2 meters in 8 years. the water is used for everyday things:
cooking, washing, etc.

it is home to thousands of animals and plants. 2 million people are
on the nile perch industry. How does economy affect the lakes usage? we need to make a change. over 200 extinct species. a completely destroyed ecologic chain. the end.
thanks for listening. one man.

one bucket.

36 fish. 500 tons
of nile perch are produced
every day. fish = money. http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/lake_victoria_sick.php

http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/Victoria/ Bibliography
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