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Life Cycle of Bounty Paper Towels

No description

Kassi Hilton

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Life Cycle of Bounty Paper Towels

Wood pulp
Fiber crop
Paper chemicals (bleach)
virgin wood pulp
Environmental issues
paper pollution
bleaching wood
the paper industry is the third-largest industrial contributor to global warming.
Environmental Benefits
Life cycle of Bounty Paper Towels
How they're made
Why buyers choose Bounty:
picks up liquid
feels good in hand
leaves no noticeable lint
easy to find
Other positives
ranked seventh in Consumer Reports’s 2014 tests
among the most environmentally friendly non-recycled towel makers
Made by Proctor and Gamble (company that focuses on sustainability)
Quote from Proctor and Gamble
"As the world’s largest consumer products company, we have both a responsibility and an opportunity to do the right thing and create change. We believe that innovation is the path to enabling those everyday changes, which can lead to significant impact." -Proctor and Gamble
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