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Doga News Motek. 09/2014

DOGA marketing news


on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of Doga News Motek. 09/2014

Unequaled ergonomics at a fair cost!
Now available for torque up to 9.8 Nm!
New Hybrid screwdrivers
DOGA DSE industrial air screwdrivers
Our range of Hybrid screwdrivers is now completed with new models which can be used for torque values up to 9.8 Nm! And this is not it! Now we also have pistol-shape HD tools.

Hybrid screwdrivers represent a unique combination of electrically driven motor and pneumatically regulated torque clutch. Inbuilt memory of 8 tightening programs allows replacing 8 ordinary screwdrivers with just 1 hybrid.
A complete line of pistol, straight and angle nutrunners with the torque range spanning from 0.4 Nm to 12 Nm.

Equipped with air shut-off system and instant stop 5-vanes motor DSE screwdrivers assure high precision of assembly.

Monday, September 8, 2014
06-09 October, Stuttgart
DOGA exhibits at Motek 2014
High-end current control technology
DOGA Current control DC screwdrivers
This year DOGA is taking part in Motek international trade fair in Stuttgart. We will be glad to see you at our booth #1213 in the Hall 1 of the exhibition center.

We will be happy to introduce you several new assembly solutions developed by us in order to deal with most demanding applications. These solutions include new reaction arms, new tools and screw feeding systems as well as new position control system with a touch screen.

The international trade fair Motek is the world’s leading event in the fields of production and assembly automation, feed technology and material flow, streamlining through handling technology, and industrial handling.

Reliable and compact solution
DOGA automatic Screw Feeding Systems
A new design of screw feeding systems was developed to assure fast and reliable fastening operations with small screws from M1.4 to M4.

Being compact and lightweight they don't take much space on a workstation. And low noise level doesn't disturb the operator. Automatic screw feeding systems are compatible with DOGA electric screwdrivers.

8, avenue Gutenberg
78310 Maurepas, France

Phone : +33 (0) 1 30 66 41 20
Fax : +33 (0) 1 30 66 41 79
E-mail : export@doga.fr

Touch screen and great flexibility
New advanced Position Control System
We are proud to introduce our new generation of Position Control System with graphical user friendly interface and a touch screen. Keeping all advantages of the first generation system, this controller has many more new features.

Easy navigation and smart programming through graphical interface makes this controller easy to install and operate. It can handle unlimited number of programs and tightening positions. Moreover it can manage logical signals through assignable inputs and outputs, which allows to use it for workstation automation.

Discover our Motek special offers
MOTEK Promotion
For your demo purposes get one DSE air tool of your choice free of charge for an order of 2000 EUR and more for any items exhibited on the booth.

In addition to this, we will be glad to invite you to test French wines specially selected by us for Motek 2014.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Compact and strong reaction arm
New Reaction Arm "Slider Compact 100"
The range of our Slider arms is completed with a new arm Slider Compact 100. This arm can handle heavy angle nut runners reaching operating torque of up to 100 Nm.

This reaction arm is specifically designed for vertical tightening operations. It is suitable for overhead installation in limited space environment, which makes it an ideal alternative to classical torque tubes.

Possible applications can be found at engine dressing lines, trucks assembly line and many others.

The arm is easy to install and doesn't require maintenance.
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