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The Tourette is a nervous deseasse that cause tics with sound, sometimes this tics are extemely diffisult to relax its.

Arturo Rocca

on 16 April 2011

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Transcript of Tourette

Tourette What it is? What sympthoms does it causes? Treatments How does it appear? This syndrome appears between the ages 6 to 18 years. although this sikeness is caused hereditarily, all of them are by a nervous problem located in the brain, and that is very bad... And why There is not an exactly
reason but this might be
because... The treatments for the Tourette are not very , succesfull because they can only calm the fluency of the tics. But there are some neurogical institutes interesting in this syndrome. One of them is the NINDS The sympthons of the Tourette are very similars like other nervous sicknesses, but these are with weird sounds and they are not cause only by be worried. The Tourette syndrome
is a nervous sikeness that causes serious tics. Stadistics There isn’t a medicament completely effective neither one that eliminates all the symptoms
The medicaments produce secondary effects. The most effective are the neuroleptics. Stimulating medicaments
Psychoterapy There are other treatments: B#E@& Although the Tourette's tics cannot be cured but they can be less repetitives if the person wants to; the people who do this, mention that this increases their stress. This syndrome was discovered by Georges Gilles de la Tourette. Famous with Tourette Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Napoleón Bonaparte
Hans Christian Andersen
Tim Howard
Brad Cohen
James Durbin In this flash of the Tourette Sindrome we are going to see the cases, treatments, when it appears and some other information about this weird disease that is present in the world. Also the Tourette's affected are normally timids. Conclutions Rarely this syndrome is 3-4 times more frequent among males than among females. Also this syndrome could be presented by 2 kinds of cases: Genetic Factors:
Environmental Factors: •A person with TS has about a 50% chance of passing the gene to one of his/her children
•Not everyone who inherits the genetic vulnerability will show symptoms While not causing TS, can influence its severity
Autoimmune processes may affect tic onset and exacerbation in some cases There are a lot of cases of this syndrome, they are divided in two groups: Motor
Vocal Simples Complex In this presentation we have seen one of the newest diseases in the world. So ask your self... Bibliography http://www.ninds.nih.gov/
http://www.wellsphere.com/wellmix360/holistic-treatment-for-tourette-syndrome My children will have this disease? Can I have that disease within a few years? We must thank the life we have and do not discriminate.
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