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ECOMOTO - immersion and direction

motorbike categories and my initial direction

Todd Dawson

on 5 August 2010

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Transcript of ECOMOTO - immersion and direction

ECOMOTO motorbike categories CLASSIC
HYPERMOTARD DIRT BIKE KTM 690 Sherco 2.5 Trial KTM 125 FEET FORWARDS CRUISER Harley Davidson PIT BIKE MOPED/AG CAFE RACER DERNY SCOOTER Scooter Vespa KTM 690 SMC KTM SPORTS SUPER DUKE R STREETFIGHTER Honda CT110 CROSS OVER SPORTS BIKE KTM RC8-R Ducati 1098s Yamaha YZR-M1 TOURING Honda DN-01 my initial direction Ducati 250 Classic - Old Styles that are now being remade
- Ducati now make a new model GT 1000 BOBBERS - Built around unmodified frames
- Front fender removed
- Rear fender made smaller
- A bike that has been "bobbed" or removed of excess weight
- First made from ex-military bikes, post WWII through the 1940s and 50s CHOPPER Custom Chopper - Frames are often cut and welded into shape from scratch or modified from existing frames
- Usually no rear suspension
- High aesthetic characteristics - cromed parts
- elongated forks - Riding position places the feet forward and hands up with the rider leaning back slightly.
- Handle bars bend inward towards rider
- Also known a an "on-off road bike"
- Outfitted with street legal equipment - lights, speedometer, mirrors, horn and licence plate
- Lighter tread then the Dirt bike making it suitable for both dirt and asphalt roads - Lightweight bodied with long suspension and high ground clearance
- Fitted with aggressive, large knobbied, dirt oriented tires
- Little body work with no fairings for easy recovery after falls - Combined features from both motorcross and road racing
- Used in competitions where tracks are both tarmac and dirt
- Fitted with smoother tires for higher performance in an urban environment
- Can be outfitted with street legal equipment - lights, speedometer, mirrors, horn and licence plate - 'Feet Forward' riding postion
- Enclosed or wide covering fairing for maximum wind resistance and greater protection from the elements
- The rider is usually postioned at the same height of those travelling in cars
- Theorised to be a combined car and motorbike replacement
- Scaled-down versions of the custom-built chopper motorbikes
- Mainly built for young kids or comical adults - First made by enthusiasts from spare parts
- Used as 'pit bikes' to travel around the pits during drag races, late 1950s
- Later used in some mini moto competitions - Raced on tracks normally used for kart racing
- 50cm in height and 1 meter in length - Step-through frame with a floorboard for the riders feet
- Low power personal transport with intergrated storage spaces
- Engine is part of rear suspension, driving the back wheel directly
- Bodywork that conceals all the mechanics of the bike inculding front leg sheild - Optimized for speed, acceleration, braking, and cornering on paved roads commonly at the
expense of comfort and fuel economy in comparison to less specialized motorcycles
- Lightweight frames and materials such as carbon fibre help to reduce the overall weight of the bike
- Higher performance parts - engine, suspensions, brakes, pads, tires
- Wider tires allow for higher cornering speeds and greater lean angles
- Aerodynamically designed fairing to reduce drag and provide wind protection
- Greater ergonomics including - higher foot pegs, moving the legs closer to the body
- lower hand controls position the rider forward over the fuel tank
- Similar charaterisitcs to the sport bike but with higher developed aerodynamics and engine performance
- Still road legal with the appropriate lights, mirrors and licence plate bracket - Similar charaterisitcs to the sport and superbikes but with far superior aerodynamics and engine capabilites
- Souly used for track racing with completly slick tires
- no lights, mirrors and licence plate bracket - Fitted with large fuel tanks and large luggage areas for long distance traveling and heavy commuting
- Extremely large fairings, windsheilds and bodywork provide a high level of wind protection for the rider
- Relaxed, upright seating position, with heated seats and grips, MP3, GPS navigation and in some cases even airbags - A superbike which has had its fairing removed to make it look more aggressive
- Other defining features include large round headlights, tall upright motocross style handlebars UNDERBONE - Built on a frame made from one large diameter tubular steel
- Although it looks like a step through skooter, the engine position is based on conventional motorbike with it situated
between the riders legs
- Still in production since 1958 and with over 60 milliom built it is the best selling powered vehicle of all time
- Extremely light weight with very low seating and the rider spends all the time in a standing position
- Used for non-speed events by competitiors of both motocross and street racing as a way to cross-train
- Requires great throttle, balance and machine control - The combined features of a Sports bike and a Crusier
- Longer angled handle bars similar to the crusier
- Full or half Fairing and body work similar to a sports bike
- A higher riding position then a sports bike but not a laid back as a crusier NAKED - A motorbike designed with no fairing or windsheilds Honda GoldWing Buell Lightnight XB12s Yamaha MT-01 SP - An attempt at combining performance with long distance capabilities while providing comfort and safety for the rider
- long wheel bases provide more relaxed steering angles and higher ground clearance
- Aside from touring such style have other uses, Police bike use the exrtra luggage space to carry required equipment BMW 1200RT - Low powered vehical with great fuel economy
- Step-through design similar to that of a scooter or vespa = HYPER SPORTS MOTARD ENV ELECTRIC - Uses an electric motor with removable rechargeable batery
- Nearly Silent engine (not necessarily a good thing)
- No exhaust gases - Desiged with future technologies in mind
- Pushing the bounderies of traditional styles and the ways people see motorbikes now - Extremly wide slick rear tyre similar to drag car tyres
- Handle bars are a long way from the seat to force the rider to lean forward, keeping their body
as low as possible to reduce aerodynamic drag
- Some times two engines are used SUPERBIKE MOTO GP POCKET ROCKET - First built in the 1938 as a motorized bicycle for motor-paced track cycling
- Later resulting in the manufacturing of tandems and mopeds
- Petrol tanks across the handle bars - Common in Britian, Italy, Germany and other European countries
- The group most well known as the "Rockers" are rembered as young and rebellious.
- Wanting fast, customised and distinct bikes
- The goal was to reach 160km/hr along a route from a cafe to a predetermined point and
back to the cafe before a single song finished on the jukebox, called "record-racing"
- Now rembered as being especially fond of "Rockabilly" music with their image
embedded in today's rockabillt culture. CONCEPT SPORT TOURING DUAL SPORT DRAG TRIAL Honda Super Cub MINI CHOPPER SUPERMOTARD - A motorbike that combines the aggressive look of a streetfighter with the speed and monuvering of a sports bike
- Fitted with smoother tires for higher performance in an urban environment
- Outfitted with street legal equipment - lights, speedometer, mirrors, horn and licence plate HYPERMOTARD + - Sport bike style body, extreme rear fairing and similar riding position
- Aggressive look of the Hypermotard or Streetfighter
- Semi-exposed frame simliar to Ducati or KTM
- Semi or full front fairing
- Lightweight and manouverable
- Front and back single sided swing arm to reduce weight DEFINING FEATURES I AIM AT DEVELOPING WITH MY ECOMOTO SPORTS BIKE stereotyping CRUISER/CHOPPER SPORT BIKE TOURING SCOOTER DIRT BIKE Gangs with no respect for others
OR... STUPID, YOUNG, IDIOTS WITH... NO IDEA HOW TO RIDE A BIKE - Large and overweight...
and thats not just the bike
- Old people, married couples
- Matching clothes
No real care for their own life Mid-Life Crisis Going way to fast! - Those who can't ride real bikes
- THEY think they're cool
- Don't wont to be linked with
other sterotipical bike riders

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