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Types of Diseases

No description

Maryam Ahmed

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Types of Diseases

Diseases that CANNOT be spread from one person/thing to another
Can affect any system in the body (circulatory, nervous, respiratory)

Types of Diseases
1. Hereditary- passed from parent to child
2. Environmental
Where you live –or work
For example: Nuclear power plant
3. Lifestyle
Poor health habits – tanning, smoking, drinking, poor diet, lack of exercise and emotional stress.

Causes of Non-Communicable Diseases
Have a balanced diet
Get regular exercise
Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
Regular check-ups can identify early warning signs

Preventing Non-Communicable Disease
Heart Disease
Examples of Non-Communicable Diseases
A disease caused by direct or indirect spread of pathogens (bad germs) from a person or thing to another.

Communicable Diseases
1) Pathogens = disease causing agents (bad germs)

2) Vectors = disease-causing organisms that carry pathogens from one host to another
For example:
Mosquitoes transmit malaria
Ticks transmit Lyme disease

Causes of Communicable Diseases
Direct contact - touching infected area of person
Indirect - sneezing, coughing, sharing personal items
Contact with vectors (animals and insects) - bites
Other contact - eating contaminated foods

How Communicable Diseases are spread:
Broken skin (cuts)

Ways Communicable Diseases get in your body:
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