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The Hunger Games

No description

Chileen Mendiola

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins
(2013). Suzanne Collins.Biography. Bio: True Story [online]. Available: http://www.biography.com/people/suzanne-collins-20903551?page=2 [2013 September 1].

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Collins, Suzanne. (2008). The Hunger Games. United State: Scholastic Press.

Is The Hunger Games Literature?
Study of Elements
Definition of Literature
Literature is a medium of expressing ones emotions, conveying a message, or even simple narrating a story. It can be interpreted differently by each person, but that is the beauty of it, that one word, one sentence can have various meaning.
If a person write about a stand, tells a story, or even critiques, I believe those finished products are still considered literature, because not only does it entertain but it also suggest lessons that will better you as a person. Any literature that allows a person to see another person's perspective and that will leave you with thoughts to ponder on, is literature.

The Hunger Games is an annual event of the Nation of Panem, wherein each District has 2 representatives (1 Boy and 1 Girl) who fight till the death in one stadium as the whole country watches. Katniss Everdeen is a girl from District 12, known for coal mining, however Katniss hunts to get her family by. She lost her father in a mining explosion and would do anything for her little sister Primrose, which was proven when she volunteered to take her place during the reaping to save her from The Hunger Games. Joining her was a boy named Peeta Mellark, who apparently has a love interest in her, and together they went to the Capitol to get ready for The Hunger Games, training and from the moment being watched by the whole country.
Point of View
This book was written in First Person point of view, more specifically Katniss Everdeen's point of view. Above is on of the first lines you will see in the book, it indicates that it implies it is Katniss speaking because we are all well aware that it is Katniss, Prim's only sister who volunteers for her on the reaping day. The first person point of view in this book gives it a good thrill, given that there it is half set in the games itself. If it were in third person, there may have been no thrill, because then you would know where everyone is. But the fact that it is coming from only one person in the games, give the reader a better experience, giving them the same limitation as the character in the games. Another advantage of first person in this case is reading the emotions and being able to relate and sympathize with the character, which is always good.
What is called entertainment makes use of the discrimination towards the poor and their only means of survival is to ensure a good show.
Katniss symbolizes hope for the people at disadvantage.
Quick Facts According to
Occupation: Author
Born on: August 10, 1962 (Age 51)
Place of Birth: Hartford, Connecticut
Education: Alabama School of Fine Arts, Indiana University, New York University
Degree in Theater and Telecommunication
"He would take us frequently to places like battlefields and war monuments... so throughout our lives we basically heard about War."
According to www.Biography.com Suzanne believed that her father felt the responsibility and urgency to educate his children about the war, because the father was in the Air force of the United States.
The Hunger Games
One day, while flipping through channels on TV, Collins noticed the lack of distinction between reality TV and the coverage of the Iraq war. It is said that this is where her inspiration for the Hunger Games came from. Above the fact that her father believed in the awareness about the wars, Collins believes that exposing children to the ideas of war and what should be done about it, will lead to solutions and better ways of handling it in the future. In The Hunger Games, where districts are basically at war with each other, you see that the aspect of it being televised shows how Collins combines Reality TV and war in this book. I believe that Collins is trying to communicate with her audience on the topic about war and educating them about the gravity of the subject while entertaining them at the same time.
Panem, a nation divided into 12, formerly 13 District. Each district having their own specialty of work. The number of your district depends on how poor or wealthy the entire district is, for example District 12 is considered the poorest, and District 1 (The Capitol) is the wealthiest.
Each year the nation of Panem hold an annual Hunger Games tournament where each district has 1 male and 1 female Tribute, to fight to the death in the Arena, which will be televised. The tributes are picked by random through placing your name in a bowl and will be picked out on reaping day. It is a requirement for everyone in Panem.

The Arena
The arena is said to be in a forest, given the description of lakes and trees and fields by Katniss. She mentions how she would sleep on tree branches and hunt squirrels and fish for food.Another are the presence of berries familiar to Katniss, because she has seen them before when hunting with her father, for example Nightlock. The arena changed weather from time to time, but the most consistent weather pattern is the heat in the day and the extreme cold at night.
District Twelve
"In District 12, looking old is something of an achievement since so many people die early." - Katniss p. 124
The Capitol
The Capitol is basically the main district, resembles the City and luxury. Because of the services described by Katniss, one can assume this is in the future, given that we do not have the technology to do that now, however not too far-off in the future. It is a city filled with glamour and bliss. High tall building filled with advanced technology, only people from the higher Districts could dream of. Here lives the wealthy citizens of Panem, who can throw money at the most useless things.This is where the people who rule Panem live. In contrast with District 12, in the Capitol people savor their youth, as much as possible even do whatever it takes to look forever young.
Katniss Everdeen
Katniss Everdeen, the female tribute from District Twelve, who volunteered to replace her sister in 74th The Hunger Games. As a secret hunter and provider of her family, after losing her father. Perceived as an underdog compared to the other tributes who have trained for the games, however actually stands a chance of wining due to her survival and hunting skills. She is the Main character, and is the common link of every other minor character in the book.
Effie Trinket the mentor assigned to District 12, from the Capitol. Known to be mechanically filled with energy and for her famous line "Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be even in your favor." She taught Katniss how to act properly around the Capitol and always kept in mind the "image". Effie was always conscious and warn about what she said about the Capitol. To Katniss she was very annoying, given her high pitch voice and non-stop energy, but Katniss saw that she was a good person who was just raised in the Capitol, which was a wrong setting. She truly believe in the values she was raised with in the Capitol. Which allowed me to categorize her as a static character through out the book.
Haymitch Abernathy
District Twelve
Gale Hawthorne, one of Katniss' closest friends from District 12. She hunts with him, and he has this open hate and rebellion towards the Capitol. He is aware of the corruption and oppression happening in the nation of Panem. They are a pair, both hunting for to get their families by. Gale is important to Katniss at this point because he will be the source of food for her family while she is away for the Games. I consider Gale static, because he has that consistent hate towards the Capitol which doesn't change through out the book.
Katniss Everdeen is a sympathetic character because of various reason, first her lifestyle of poverty but her hope and determination to win the Hunger Games. Ideally in the Hunger Games tributes from wealthier districts are expected to win due to their training and preparation, given that Katniss is from poorest district, it is expected of her to lose and die. This sympathizes with underdogs and people who are just born and expected to disappoint and fail, for people who are branded to be destined to fail. However tables are turned, because it is actually ironic that it is because of her district and lifestyle that she was able to survive. The fact that she has to survive in her own district allowed her to develop skills which enabled her to survive in the end. Not only was it her skills but it was also her heart and determination that saved her life. When you're reading the book you root for her, because you care about her and understand the situation she is in, and hope that she wins, because it in turn will give you hope, that people who are said not fail, can actually succeed.
Katniss actually reminds me of The Eldest Princess from the story of "The Story of the Eldest Princess", in a way she proved the odds wrong. Also in a sense that both their stories are empowering, not only for people but specifically for women. That most of society expected them to fail in their journey ahead, but succeeded and proved them all wrong.
Cato is the Male tribute of District 2, known for Masonary. He has a huge built and is known to be very strong, in the story he is somewhat the leader of the Career group, where in all the "stronger" tributes form an alliance. He uses Peeta as an ally to get to Katniss, and later on wounds him after finding out that from the beginning Peeta was never going to help them get Katniss. Cato is Katniss' biggest competition in the Arena and vice-versa, especially after the gamemakers gave katniss a higher score during the testing.
I believe Cato is static because through out the whole games his idea of winning was stable. He wanted to win and he knew he could win. Now towards the end i believe he was sympathetic, due to his death, because it was seen and implied that he was expected to win, putting pressure on him to win and the fact that he knew he wasn't going to after being tortured by the wild animals, made you feel pity.
Peeta Mellark
"It was all for the Games. How you acted." p. 372
Rue is the female tribute of District 11, which is known for agriculture. She is this little girl who was able to survive the first few days of the games through clever thinking, speed and her skill of jumping tree from tree. In the games, she later on forms an alliance with Katniss, and forms this sisterly relationship with her. Rue reminds Katniss about Prim and starts to really look out for her. Katniss learned a lot of techniques from Rue about plants and berries, and noticed how observant Rue was too. Unfortunately Rue dies in the hands of the boy from District 1, which leads Katniss to kill him, making him her first kill. Katniss covers Rue's body with flowers before she leaves her to be taken by the hover craft, and since this is televised, the whole district 11 saw.Because of this Katniss was given bread through the generous donations of the district, which she knew was not at all easy or cheap. Rue was very important to Katniss, especially in making her dynamic, because of Rue's death Katniss was determined not only to win the games for Prim, but for Rue as well and the injustice she has seen in the Arena.
Clove the female tribute of District 2, she was known for her skills with knives and was part of the careers group during the Games. Her down fall was when she was about to kill Katniss, she took too much of her time and mentioned killing Rue, which Thresh over heard which enraged him to kill her with his bare hands.
The following Minor Characters are categorized by setting:
The Arena
The Capitol
Katniss Everdeen is Dynamic due to her change in perspective through out the story. At first you see she is a shy, quite, girl who minds her own business and keeps at a distance. - In the quote to the right you see Katniss describing herself and her daily activities as well as her perspective and passive stand towards the corruption and imbalance in society, most especially towards the people from the Captiol.
However progressing into the story she changes, not only her views but her personality and lifestyle as well. With the first quote on the left, she finally realizes the true meaning of the Hunger Games and what new danger she just put herself in, that wining and living, because of her economic stand, comes with a price. And how a person of her class should not have won. Lastly the second Quote confirms that she has two lives now, and that she is not, nor can she ever return to be the Katniss Everdeen who entered The Hunger Games on the reaping day. She has come out of The Hunger Games different, seeing and experiencing things that have opened her eyes, enabling her to turn back into her passive self with the indifferent mask, instead something much more than she could ever imagine.
“So I learned to hold my tongue and to turn my features into an indifferent mask so that no one could ever read my thoughts. Do my work quietly in school. Make only polite small talk in the public market. Discuss little more than trades in the Hob, which is the black market where I make most of my money.” p. 6
"…the Hunger Games are their weapon and you are not supposed to be able to defeat it." p. 358
"I stare in the mirror as I try to remember who I am and who I am not." p. 371
"I remember everything about you. You’re the one who wasn’t paying attention." p. 302
Peeta Mellark is the male tribute of District Tewleve. Known to Katniss as the boy with bread, because of his family's baker business. Katniss never truly noticed Peeta until reaping day, however she has a memory of him, swearing that he saved her life. One rainy night when katniss was starving and about to die of hunger, she believes that Peeta intentionally burnt a loaf of bread with the intention of throwing it out to her to eat, well aware of the consequences he would face with his mother. Peeta admits his love interest for Katniss during his interview with Ceasar Flickerman, and through out the games, especially towards the end portays a couple madly in love, not knowing it was only a one-sided relationship. During the training and start of the games Katniss was in constant struggle with Peeta's intentions. He is injured in the games which causes him to lose one leg in the end. I believe Peeta was to be considered static most of the time, however, in the end, after finding out that Katniss was acting for the games, through the 2nd quote above, you see that Peeta realizes it was all fake and changes the way he saw their moments during the Game, thinking it was all a lie.
Peeta is a sympathetic character because he is in the most common situation, which i am sure everyone and anyone can relate to. Unrequited love. In the first quote it is seen that he was very much amused and interested in Katniss even before the games, as compared to Katniss who never really payed much attention to him before.
Peeta actually reminds me of Eponine in Les Miserables by Victor Hugo because of the unrequited love he has for Katniss.
"If they can't catch me, they can't kill me. So don't count me out." - Rue p. 126
Glimmer the female tribute from District 1, or more known as the Capitol. She was technically Katniss' first kill by dropping down a nest of tracker jackers, which killed her instantly. She was also, like Katniss, skilled with the bow and arrow. Katniss was able to obtain the bow and arrows from Glimmer's body when she was dead, giving Katniss a chance and advantage for survival and maybe even winning.
Thresh the male tribute of District 11, known for his big built and strength. Quite and to himself throughout training and the game. He had a significant scene with Katniss, where he spared her life to avenging Rue, his partner. Killed by Cato, however not mentioned how, just implied.
"You better run fire girl." p288
Haymitch Abernathy is the previous Victor of the Hunger Games of District 12. As a victory his role is to mentor the tributes of every Hunger Games from District 12. No one understand how he was able to win the Hunger Games because ever since then he has been known to be a drunk. As a mentor, Haymitch is suppose to get sponsors to be able to help in the aid of the tributes, however given his reputation as a drunk, no one takes him seriously. But in the 74th Hunger Games he might actually surprise you. Through out the Games Katniss and Haymitch keep in touch through small notes, which give Katniss clues on what Haymitch is asking her to do.
He is a dynamic character, as you can see in the first Quote, it is implied he is being sarcastic when Peeta seriously asks for help. This implies that Haymitch had no intention of actually helping them in the first place, and that the this years tributes actually feel like they have a chance. Now you see his change in the second Quote because at this point in the book, he is really mentoring them, taking them seriously and giving his best to keep them alive. The fact that Katniss is even getting help from Haymitch, through gift during the games like ointment, and food shows how much work Haymitch is putting into getting her sponsors. In the book during Katniss dialogue you she mentions how it get more and more expensive as the games get more intense, yet at that point she was still able to get sponsors, and in turn stay alive.
"The impression you make tomorrow will decided exactly what I can get in term of sponsors." p. 116
"Here's some advice. Stay alive." p 56
Cinna was Katniss' stylist in the Capitol and one of the first few people Katniss felt she could be herself with. She was fond of Cinna, and he helped her as much as he could given his limitation as a stylist. He was the reason Katniss was unforgettable during the parade of tributes, as well as the interview. Cinna went beyond what was expected of him, and from the beginning was very much hoping and rooting for Katniss to win against all odds. He wanted to make a statement and he did. That is what I would consider him a static character, because through out the book he was consistent with his stand to make Katniss unforgettable and help her live.
Ceasar Flickerman the known host of the annual Hunger Games. He has a wild sense of fashion and is a bundle of joy. Katniss mentions that she observed that Ceasar always tried his best to help out the tributes, always helped to try and make them look good. He would relax them if he noticed they were tense and laugh at their jokes, he was a very good host. He interviewed Katniss, and given her generic answers he still was able to make her look interesting and dig deep to make her memorable and relate to the audience. Which makes him static, because his attitude of helping the tributes always remained constant.
The Gamemakers, are the ones who make the rules of the Hunger Games. Basically they control everything that happens in the arena, and are capable of putting you in almost any situation. They are considered static because through out the games you see that they are trying to bring Katniss down, from the blows of fire and animals they lead to her, are aimed to kill her because she is not meant to win, she can not win.
Through out the book they talk about the Capitol, and sometimes when they say Capitol they mean the people in change, something like their Government. This is mentioned towards the end when Haymitch warns Katniss that they are furious about how she showed them up like that in the Arena, because from the beginning she was not intended to win, and that fact that she did poses a threat to their lifestyle and life they built.
The people of the Capitol, known for their wild attire, and luxuries lifestyle. They are the audience of Katniss as she goes through the Hunger games. District 1, and the few other district after are the only ones who see the Hunger games as entertainment.They are static because through out the games they are rooting for Katniss, because of the show she put up with Peeta. They are oblivious to the idea that it may be fake because they are so focused on the entertainment they are getting out of it.
Primrose Everdeen, Katniss' younger sister, commonly known as Prim. She owns a goat in her family and is well known and loved by many in District 12. It was mentioned that she has a kind heart and soft spot for animals and takes after her mother with helping people who are wounded. Katniss loves Prim very much and would do anything for her, that is the sole reason why Katniss even got to the Hunger Games. It was Prim's name called first and Katniss couldn't bare the thought of loosing her so she volunteered on her behalf. In this book Prim is a static character, because of her consistent act of wanting her sister to be alive and win the games to come back home to her.
Mrs. Everdeen, Katniss' mother. She is known for her medicinal care through the use of herbs. To Katniss, she was a weak mother, who she was disappointed in when her father died. Mrs. Everdeen was in a state of shock where in she did not move or talk to anyone for days almost months, leaving her kids to fend for themselves. Because of this Katniss was forced to take up the responsibilities and later on lead her to becoming the true provider of the family. Mrs. Everdeen remained to be a static character through out the book because no significant changed was mentioned or happened within the story. However there was a mention of her relationship with Peeta Mellark's father and how they were suppose to marry.
Mr. Everdeen was Katniss' father who died in a mining explosion. But through out the Games Katniss mentions teachings and lessons her father once taught her as a child. Mr. Everdeen was the first to teach Katniss how to hunt, and how to survive. Despite his death he still remained to be in Katniss' life as well as a main component to her survival in the end of the Games. In the quote above you see that in the games when Katniss was in need for food, after remembering that memory of her father, she was able to find the Katniss plant and eat it to survive.
"As long as you find yourself, you'll never starve." - Mr. Everdeen p. 52
“In the woods waits the only person with whom I can be myself. Gale.” - Katniss p. 6
"How could I leave Prim, who is the only person in the world I’m certain I love?" - Katniss p. 10
They have to face Cato one way or another, they decide to co to the Cornicopia, waiting for the final battle, suddenly Cato arrives before nightfall and not to kill them, instead he is running away from these wild mutated animal. On top of the Cornicopia Cato arm braces behind Peeta with his bleeding leg and Katniss is aiming at them both, no clear shot of Cato's head, instead she shoots his hand and Peeta is free as he falls off the Cornicopia. Cato has died after hours of torture from the animals Katniss shoots him to death. Now Katniss and Peeta are just waiting for the signal of their victory, however it does not come at once. Instead Cesar announces the change of rules once more, where only 1 victory can win. Peeta, more eager to die, he asks Katniss to shoot him, saying that she was always the victor. Thinkning quickly Katniss brings out the nightlock berries and suggests they eat it together, really hoping that this rebellion will save their lives. Counting down the few seconds before they eat, Katniss hopes for a voice to say stop, it doesn’t come till the berries are in her mouth, she manages to spit them out before she swallows and a hover craft gets them from the arena.
They have won the games and are on their way back to the Capitol, when Katniss and Peeta are separated until the post-interview with Cesar, where their reunion will be televised, as requested by the Gamemakers). Before the interview Haymitch warns Katniss about the trouble she caused with the stunt in the arena, making her romance with Peeta her only salvation. She has to continue making everyone believe she is madly in love with Peeta, even though she may not be, however Haymitch mentions that Peeta doesn’t need to know, because it is implied that he truly is in love. During the interview it was reveiled that Peeta’s leg was cut off and that he had a metal leg in replacement, other than that they sold the image of the couple who just can not live their lives without each other.
Falling Action
On the way back to District Twelve, Katniss implies that their romance was an act, not truly realizing how much it meant to Peeta. This causes Katniss to feel confused about her feelings towards Peeta, however at this point Katniss is just happy to be alive, and despite the trouble she may be, she is comforted with the idea of seeing her family and friends soon. At this point, all she wants is to put the past behind her, be grateful for what she has and move on with her life.
The Hunger Games have just begun and the tributes are already dying fighting for the supplies they were faced with in the arena. Katniss, managing only to get a backpack from the Cornicopia was able to survive the first few days. When she bumps into the careers, a group of the strong tributes, she finds Peeta is allies with them. When they finally found her she was able to beat them through dropping Tracker Jackers on them during their sleep, however risking her being stung as well. She hallucinated and knocked out for days, waking up to leave on her stings knowing it was Rue, which leads to their alliance. They plan on blowing up the supplies of the careers to make them vulnerable which was successfully done, however with the price of Rue’s death.
Given the rule change Katniss then successfully finds Peeta, however he is wounded badly and is in no condition to do the things Katniss usually does. They find a cave and try to wait it out there. While in the cave they talk about their feelings for one another. Peeta sharing stories about his memories of her. Then start the true romance between the two. After being signaled by Haymitch through sponsor gifts to increase the romance does so with kisses and deep conversations. Suddenly a feast was announced, providing each district with something they need badly. Peeta won't allow Katniss to go for him and risk her life, however this does not stop her. Using the sleeping syrup for Haymitch, Katniss tricks Peeta and puts him to sleep while she goe to the feast. In the feast she is faced with her almost death with clove, but interrupted by Thresh who kills clove but spares her life. When Katniss successfully retrieves the medicine for Peeta and he get better than he was before, and at this point Cato is the only thing that stand between them and home.
The Change of the Rules in the game: 2 Victors of the same district are allowed to be crowned. At this point Katniss is open to the idea of having someone with her. Even though she knows there is a chance Peeta could be hurt therefore being somewhat of a weakness for her, she is willing to join forces and win together. Later on you will see how it is a burden to Katniss and how she will have to compromise a lot of her survival strategies to fit the limitation of Peeta. At this point she won’t be only taking care of herself which is hard as it is, but two people.
Rising Action
Turning point:
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Nature
Man vs. Himself
1. The Hunger Games: The idea of the Hunger Games in itself is Man vs. Man, it is each man for themselves (ideally) who fight to the death, till only one remains. You see that each district fights and kills each other physically to survive and win the prize of life and wealth in the end. It is seen from the different scenes of killing in the book, from the Career's group killings to Katniss' individual kills of Glimmer and Marvel (the boy from district 1).
2. Katniss vs. The Capitol: This refers to the conflict that the Capitol officials have with Katniss, especially about her winning the hunger games. During the games it is implied that the Capitol does not expect Katniss to win, and they even try to prevent it by facing her with fire in the woods. However in the end it is confirmed that they were not happy with the idea that a couple from district 12 won, it poses as somewhat of a threat and disturbance in Panem, and could lead to a rebellion from the oppressed.
1. Katniss vs. The Arena: In the arena weathers change rapidly, just like it could in the normal world. And Katniss is constantly faced with the problem as to how she will survive in the cold or the rain and even cope with the heat.Because of her skills and familiarity of weather and survival, she was able to cope and make do with the situation and be resourceful to survive the harsh conditions.
2. Tributes vs. Nature: During the games you see that tributes are not as skilled as Katniss or familiar with the survival skills, some die because of eating the wrong berries, like one girl from district 5, nicknamed "foxface". Other however are lucky enough as well to over come this, either through similar survival skills like Katniss or through the luck of being a career with the supplies like sleeping bags and clothes.
1. Katniss vs. Katniss: Because this book is in her point of view, it is easy to see the conflict Katniss fights with constantly. Katniss wonders who she is really, and what she wants to do. She also is conflicted with her feelings towards Peeta, regularly comparing him to Gale in fact, which can imply that she has feelings for Gale as well. But focusing on her internal conflict, it was most evident in the start of the games, the preparation. Could she win? Did she actually believe she could beat all the tribute and kill them? Her confidence and belief in her capabilities was the big and most important factor in the book. She over came her insecurities with determination and was able to win the hunger games.
3. Katniss vs. Haymitch: Katniss and Haymitch as very much in constant battle with each other, despite the fact that they understand each other. Katniss constantly fights Haymitch's methods of survival according to the Capitol, where in you have to put up a good show. Consider it a love hate relationship. But even though Katniss disagrees with Haymitch's methods, she can't do anything but follow him, becaue in the end it actually pays to listen.
4. Katniss vs. Peeta: Katniss and Peeta disagree often, even though they are suppose to love each other, their conflict lies on whether or not the love between them is real. And in Katniss' part there was confusion on what Peeta's true intentions were, especially after joining the Careers. But the main conflict between them was brought out in the end, when Peeta was hurt to hear her affections for him was fake and for the show, questioning the love he thought they had.
"Now, I’m determined to avenge her, to make her loss unforgettable and I can only do that by winning and thereby making myself unforgettable." - Katniss p. 242
“Our part of district 12, nicknamed the Seam, is usually crawling with coal minors heading out to the morning shift at this hour.” p. 4
As seen in the quotes, district twelve is known for their coal, nicknamed the Seam, which means an underground layer, as of ore or coal. It is one of many district which experience poverty, and whose citizens are hanging by a string. Luxury is non-existent in their district and even the peacemakers (Officials) turn a blind eye to the small laws broken just to get decent food on their own tables. Life in District Twelve is not easy, neither is it known to be glamorous, life and age is seen as an accomplishment and death is all too familiar to them.
"The Capitol twinkles like a vast field of fireflies." - Katniss p. 80
"What do they do all day, these people in the Capitol, besides decorating their bodies and waiting around for a new shipment of tributes to roll in and die for their entertainment?" - Katniss p. 65
The setting in the Hunger Games truly does affect the whole story. To be able to relate to the characters you have to understand where they came from. Also the idea that they came from different districts with different background stories brings variety and depth to the story. And the emphasis on district 12 and 1, truly gives you the idea of the possible issues that may arise in the story. Without the setting you will see no depth or meaning in the Hunger Games itself, no meaning for Katniss' win. The setting in this story, gives everything that happens a purpose and true cause.
“My little sister prim, curled up in her side, cocooned in my mothers body, their cheeks pressed together...” - Katniss p. 1
This reminds me of "The Use of Force" by W.C. Williams, because again, using first person always limits the readers to what that one person is thinking and not the other characters. However it is a good tactic because it enables the reader to relate and may even open up new ideas and perspectives of a reader, which can only be triggered by emotions or thoughts.
Basically, the story is about using death and war as a means of entertainment. The Capitol sacrifices their citizens to constantly remind the people that this is their country and that no one can do anything about it. Because the other district are too busy trying to make ends meat, and the wealthier districts can train for these games, the advantage the rich is given emphasizes the inequality and corruption. And as seen in the book, image is everything and the key to survival in this nation, however not everyone is capable to keeping up with the demands of image people are put up with. There is an obvious inequality between the rich and the poor and the rich have turned it into some kind of game which they consider entertainment.
"She has no idea. The effect she can have."-Peeta p. 91
District 12 symbolizes those at a disadvantage.
District 1 symbolizes those at an advantage.
Panem symbolizes the world and each district represent a country.
Fire represents the enraged anger of the oppressed, which only need a spark to start.
The MockingJay represent the ability to adapt, due to their skill of being able to imitate a tune which can rapid spread throughout the forest. It later becomes a symbol of rebellion.
The Hunger Games being televised is a symbol of mockery of life and change of values in the people who consider the hunger games entertainment. As well as the power of media and technology over lives and its rapid dependency by the people.
"Why am I hopping around like some trained dog trying to please people I hate." -Katniss p. 117
“Look how we take your children and sacrifice them and there’s nothing you can do. If you lift a finger, we will destroy every last one of you." - Katniss p. 19
"Everything is about them, not about the dying boys and girls in the arena." - Katniss p. 354
The Hunger Games symbolizes the war going on in the world, how each district (Country) must have willing or unwilling soldiers to die representing their country.
Named one of "Publishers Weekly's" Best Books of the year 2008.
I believe The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is Literature because of many factors. Firstly is the stand and purpose she put into the story. Because of the issues that were presented in the book that is seen in reality, it is more than learning, but understanding. Not only recognizing the problem at hand but understanding the different perspectives and putting yourself into the shoes of the one who is at a disadvantages, it then leaves you with thoughts and realizations that can change your perspective on things and in turn your life. Not only did this book manage to entertain me with the various addition personal events that happened to the characters, but it also allowed me to open my eyes and be more aware of serious issue that are happening in the world.
The first book out of the three from The Hunger Games trilogy, followed by Catching fire and Mockingjay.
This book has been translated into 26 different languages and was sold publishing right to 38 territories.
The Hunger games has adapted a film directed by Gary Ross, which was also co-written an co-produced by Suzanne Collins herself. Fans are now looking forward to the coming of the second movie Catching fire.
I believe these group of people to remind me of the ones in the story of "The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" by Gabriel C. Marquez because of their ammussment with such violence. How they would actually pay and watch, moreover consider it entertainment. Like the towns people who paid just to see the man with enormous wings. Even the way they manipulated the tributes remind me on how they branded the old man.
"Only I keep wishing I could think of a way to…to show the Capitol they don’t own me. That I’m more than just a piece in their Games."- Peeta p. 142
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