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Copy of Using Multi-Media in Prezi

Here are some tips for using multi media in Prezi. More specifically, it goes through the various file formats that work with Prezi, how to find free high quality images, how to insert video files, and examples of high quality documents and images.

Chen Gong

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Using Multi-Media in Prezi

qwerqwerqwer qwerqwerqwer WHAT ARE Vector Image Song Dong Documents Copy a YouTube Link... OR Import an FLV Video... Vector Images Formats: PDF or SWF Format: PDF ? Bitmap Image Convert
.ai or .eps ------> .pdf or .swf
in Adobe Illustrator Find free vector images online
http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/50-websites-for-free-vector-images-download/ Great for Company Logos Vector Images work Pixalated Background Image Disappears when Zoomed in too close No Pixalation Image Based on Lines, Points, and Colors Maximum Zoomability Possible fd You can include additional information ...and by making it small it does not make the financial statement too crowded. You can easily zoom in and out on the details of these financial statements New Articles Web Pages Zoomable &
Links are intact PDF Screenshot Use PDFs for Websites
whenever possible (how?) http://www.web2pdfconvert.com/ Song Dong was born in Beijing in 1966. Due to the insolvent conditions that lead him to create conceptually based art, he and others of his generation fall into a practice identified by art critic Gao Minglu as 'apartment art'. Recent exhibitions include Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China (2004-2006) at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and Oalors, a chine: Chinese Contemporary Art (2003) at the Center Pompidou in Paris. His work was presented at the 2004 Sao Paolo Biennale in Brazil and at the 2003 Istanbul Biennale.

Song Dongs video work, Burning Photograph is featured in Creative Times group exhibition, The Plain of Heaven. Exploring the subject of creation through destruction, the video runs in reverse and slow motion, allowing the flames of the burning tourist photograph to constitute the image rather than destroy it. The work also references the traditional tourist photo by illustrating the ways in which we reinvent our experiences of place through nostalgia.
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