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1950's Project

No description

Sophia Masotti

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of 1950's Project

The Alluring Wink A new clock with no wind up Said to have a "pleasant alarm signal" Cigarette Ad This picture shows a peaceful town that has
been prosperous because of the cigarettes Vapor-steam Iron A new iron that steams as well as irons 3.5 pounds, cool plastic handle Also has a wrinkle-proof round head Vi-bra It is made of satin, lace and elastic panels. The wire that would go against the body is super padded This was the age where the women wanted to look
extra nice and almost perfect Monorail Train Highly successful in Europe Just starting to get in to the american public Concidered part of their future Super Chief Train Smooth ride with chairs made of
cushioned springs Said that the "keynot is comfort" Took passengers right through
the Santa Fe scenery Highways Since the number of people started to increse so did
the number of cars on the road Having one or two slow moving roads connecting
major cities was an issue Made a high-speed road that had many
lanes to travel in Started the buissness of long-haul trucking Now that people were on the road more
they wanted something quick and easy for
dinners and lunch. This started the boom of
FAST FOOD! http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/1950s-commercials/b9f680e70cac14525a6db9f680e70cac14525a6d-1657652446069 The Ads and improvements of the 1950's Transportation Social Conformity During this time there was
a gender role change -Women: stayed home with the house keeping everything “perfect” and
also raising the children to
her best abilities

-Men: Went to work to make income for
the family also to be able to buy the luxuries.
Paid the bills and the head of the house. -Children: Needed to go to school had
to obey to what they were told
from either a teacher or a parent. Inventors/Entrepreneurs Dr. Jonas Salk: He made and discovered the vaccine for polio.
Dr. Harry coover: Invent ted super glue. Discover was made while working for the Kodak research laboratories.
Frank McNamara: Created and first issued by McNamara in the dinners club. Then later on in 1958 American Expressed joined the market.
Bette Nesmith Graham: thought of the idea of liquid paper as we know it as white out. Being a secretary in a pop group she was tired of starting completely over if she messed up.
Bette Nesmith Graham Dr. Harry coover Business Phenomenons Franchising:was a period of steady Growth between 1950 1959
- Escalated because the expansion of the Service Economy and the Interstate Highway System. - Dick and Maurice McDonald started new system of serving “ Speedee Servide System”( drive Thru’s)

- People eating out more and with fast service

- Revolutionized restaurants and helped the Economy

- By early 50’s had 8 resturants and began increasing

- Largest buyer of beef , pork and potatoes
McDonalds - More restaurants began Franchising (chains) around Highway’s exits and suburbs with fast service such as (McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, 7- Eleven, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell, KFC , etc.)

- Also other businesses ( Holiday Inn , H&R Block, Rotor Rooter, etc.)
Chains -ITT (International Telephone And Telegraph)

-helped save time and money by easy communication.

- bought other companies such as car- rentals , hotels and motel chains.

-General Electric- had products such as G-E-vaccum Cleaner and G-E-Lightening, Black Daylight Television

- G-E-Lightening had no mirror glare, no deceptive shadows, more light, less glare

-Black Daylight Television had good reception while watching , no more fuzzy screen.

-New G-E Vaccum Cleaner allowed you to clean the whole room without moving the cleaner “Reach Easy”
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