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I am more than one culture. I am Multi-Cultural

Massiel Rodriguez

on 16 July 2011

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Transcript of Multiculturalism

WHO AM I? I have a passion for growing culturally
and making connections with others. I ENJOY CULTURE No matter the culture in which
I am immerse I will always be Latina at heart. I AM BILINGUAL Occidental College I am Latina
but I speak
American I speak European Bilingualism
is a plus My multiculturalism
has become my reality.
It is my life. I INVITE YOU
MY CULTURE CULTURAL EXCHANGE Globalization: The Story of my First Encounter with the American Culture Music Food TV Americanization Student
Orientation Advisor They needed young, energetic and highly motivated people, with an open mind to assist International Students. I CAN DO IT! Motivation Fun Personal and
Intellectual growth Friendship Opportunity Orientation Welcome to the D.R. Meet your new family! First week Activities Activities Do you like Bachata? Bonefire Movie Night Excursions Constanza Samana Santo Domingo La Isabela California Visting Language
Assitantship Occidental College helped me to expand my multiculturalism. Chile England Africa Mexico Germany Latina I have adopted certain aspects
of other people's cultures and I have made them my own. International
Team Honduras Lebanon University of Arkansas I am the connection
cultures I DON'T STOP LEARNING. College of Education
and Health Professions International Student
Organization Caribbean Students
Association Study Abroad Students Association Multicultural
Center Scream of Help:
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