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Professional Beauty and Wellness trade fair

No description

Dinu Andrei

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Professional Beauty and Wellness trade fair

Professional wellness and beauty trade fair Preparation
Rest and enjoy
Determined energetic
Give meaning to
We would like to attend the workshop about the benefits of tea and herbal infusions + tasting, try some procedures and services like massage chair or teeth whitening.If there will be any demonstrations about healthy food making, we would like to visit this to learn how to prepare and serve fresh, healthy and well-balanced food because of the interests in body shaping.The latest news about innovations we can find in the internet or the newest magazines which are specialized on wellness, beauty, bodyshaping and health industry. Preparation

The aim of the trade fair is to help people know more about wellness industry, innovation. We as a group decided to visit all sectors and all departments. The target group of trade fair is employed women between 25 and 40 who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, wellness, beauty, health,
and wants good for their body and soul. Agenda Rest and enjoy Relex
Garra ruffa spa
Aurazen massagechair
Shiatsu Garra rufa spa This kind of spa is for those who want to have softer skin. This procedure attracts more and more customers. Garra rufa spa is different spa, because you do not need a lot of different equipment, only special bath and 150 garra rufa fishes. Aurazen massagechair Almost all office workers try this chair.
This chair replace 5 physical therapists.
It is possible to have this chair in your home and there is no need to go to specialized salon. Health/medical Magic White
Ergoline Beglium
RVB Ergoline Belgium This kind of procedures is used by women at the age of 50+. This is the first energizing light technology in the World.Women can look younger without plastic surgery.Helps with skin regeneration without creams, injections. Magic white Everyone who want to have brilliant smile can try this.
21 minutes without pain and you can go with white teeth.
This procedure helps to make your teeth whiter and exposes germs from them. Determined energetic SH Fitness
Flabelos Everyone who want to lose weight can use this.
Easy to use, smaller than chair.
Can train every part of the body, it depends on in which position you stand or sit. Flabelos This remarkable sweet is for women who want to lose weight.
3 times sweeter than sugar, less calories, effect lasts long.
You can lose weight without hard workout while you are eating. Lignavita Manipura
Lameris group
Tea Giving meaning to People who want to learn how to control their mind power should try this.
It keeps your mind and body in balance, makes you feel happy with yourself.
It helps to solve problems in business, weight problems. Theta healing This technology is the newest in the world.
It is portable device, easy to use.
You can feel effect after 15minutes session.
But only people who are older than 16 and do not have epilepsy. PSIO mind2relax Trade fair summary In the trade fair we saw 4 different sectors, their development and the newest technologies.
We had a chance to see how those technologies work and we even experienced some of them.
This trade fair gave us like a sight to the future and we saw the atmosphere of future job. Project made by: : Lily, Jolien, Roberta, Andrei, Kingsley
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